All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (2023)

Factors in Choosing the Right Paint Color

Regardless of the color scheme you’re going for, you first need to be able to select the right paint to help you achieve the desired outcome. Below are 8 tips for choosing the right paint to avoid many color mistakes.

Never Pick Your Paint Color First

While it is instinctive to settle the biggest issue first, it is actually much easier to choose a paint color to match your furniture and décor rather than picking out a décor to go with the paint. So, flip through some articles or select the furniture you’d like to purchase first before deciding on the color of the room.

Start with An Inspiration

Before you take on any project, it is crucial to have the end goal in mind first. Go through magazines or online guides to search for inspiration. In fact, Pinterest is a great place to start when deciding on paint colors. Make a mood board for each room and start pinning room photos that catch your eye. After a while, you’ll easily see what type of style and design that you’re drawn to.

Stick with Neutrals

This simply does not mean you need to avoid colors altogether. Color is good, but you’ll need to decide on which part of the room do you want as the center of attention. If your answer is walls, then sure, feel free to go bold and paint it a bright color. However, it is best to match this bright wall with neutral tones as we won’t want too many things competing for your attention. Neutral colors can help to soften the look and make sure it does not get too overwhelming and tiresome.

Use Testers

Many paint brands come with testers for you to bring home a few different colors and shades to try out. You should paint a large enough area on a few different walls so you can better visualize how the light will hit at different times of the day. It is advisable not to test your paint against white walls as it will throw the color off. If you have no choice, you can just do a larger test area for a better gauge.

Test Your Paint Colors Against Furniture and Fabric

Don’t just test your paint colors on the wall, you should try to place your furniture beside to check if they match. Paint a piece of poster board and hold it against your sofa, table, and other decorative items to see if the undertones go nicely with each other.

Pick the Right Sheen

Most sheen in a paint will accent flaws, so your plan is to actually mask flaws, it is best to pick one with as little sheen as possible. Below are a few guidelines for different paint finishing:

Flat (matte) – Absolutely shine-free. This is perfect for low traffic areas such as the living room and bedrooms.

Flat Enamel – Has no shine but is much easier to clean than flat paint. This is also good for low traffic areas and works great for families with children or pets.

Eggshell Enamel – This introduces a little bit of shine and is a great choice for living rooms. Any scuffs and marks can easily be wiped off this surface with a damp cloth to look good as new.

Satin Enamel – This shiny finish is ideal for high traffic areas or places with moisture. It is super wipeable which is why it is a favorite for kitchens and bathrooms.

Semi-Gloss Enamel – Shiny without feeling glass-like. This paint is usually used on cabinets and trim, or places with high moisture.

Hi-Gloss Enamel – Very shiny paint that gives an almost glass-like finish and is perfect for high use surfaces such as a railing or furniture.

Understand Undertones

If you want to discover the true color, it is great to use the darkest color on the strip. This step will save you from ending up with a paint that is too pink, too blue, or too yellow.

Have a Color Theme Throughout Your Home

While this does not mean you need to paint your entire house the same color, you need to get a good idea of what you want to feel in each room and check how they will look like when standing in another. If you’re playing it safe with just one color for the entire house, it is suggested you try at least a few shades lighter or darker in one room to add depth and interest in your otherwise monotonous space.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Paint

Now that you’ve got the paint figured out, which paint should you be getting? Here are five important considerations that you need to keep in mind when you’re at the hardware store.

Color Richness

How deep a color are you hoping to go for? How exposed to the elements will the paint be? Not all paints are created equal and if you’ve selected the wrong one, you may end up with fading colors in less than a year. Some are specially formulated to ensure colors remain vibrant for years to come while some work great to hold richer, deeper colors better than others.


If you’ve chosen a deep color or are trying to cover over one, you need to know how many coats you’re planning to do. Certain brands are formulated to be “high hiding” which makes it easy for you to cover over flaws or dark colors with a snap of the finger. While others have “self-priming” features that can achieve flawless coat coverage, so you’ll not have to paint layers after layers.


High traffic spots like the porch, kitchen, and the hallway are bound to get scuffs and marks easily. That is why it is crucial to pick a paint that can be cleaned without compromising the color richness or finish. Generally, the shinier the finish the easier to clean it will be.

2-in-1 Paint and Primer

Many paint shops now hold labels that combine both paints and primers into one. This way you get to skip the waiting time and dive right into painting your walls with the chosen color.


Paints usually contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals that are responsible for the fumes you inhale. If you have a more sensitive nose, you should be on the lookout for zero-VOC paint that is safer for yourself and the environment without compromising on performance.

Best Bedroom Colors

If you’re not sure what kind of paint color combinations go well together, worry not as we have a fabulous lineup of the best colors for a bedroom to fit any style and feeling you’re going for.


Dove Gray

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (1)

Easily recreate the comfort of a high-end hotel room with this light gray tone. The soft gray wall color blends easily with darker elements in the room for a gentle contrast. Although the space features plenty of cool hues, it does not feel impersonal. In fact, this perfect tone of gray catches lights beautifully to provide a subtle and chic style that feels homey.

Pale Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (2)

Many studies and surveys have concluded that various shades of blue are great at promoting soothing feelings. Just by staring at a blue scene will help slow your heart rate down and reduce blood pressure, making it the perfect option for bedrooms. A pale blue tone is easily one of the best bedroom colors for folks who prefer a little more color to gray without getting too dark. For a soothing and relaxing room, it is best to look for light blue with a slight hint of gray. Try to avoid getting pastel baby blue to prevent your room from looking like a nursery.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (3)

While pure white can cause a room to feel a little stark, off-white colors tend to offer warmer tones for a more inviting feel. Soft, soothing, and tranquil, the off-white wall features just a hint of gray to calm even the most chaotic minds. A clean, airy white helps to open up smaller rooms and counteract a lack of natural lighting. This neutral color works well with any decorating style and works to highlight other accent colors or bright wall art.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (4)

This sophisticated muted purple color is not your typical teenager’s purple bedroom. Purple hues are thought to be stress-reducing, making this super-soft tone one of the best options to create a calming aura. The purple color holds its regal presence without overwhelming the entire look. However, this is definitely a chilly hue so you may need to counter that coolness with warmer colored furniture or floors.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (5)

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While white generally symbolizes clarify and freshness this color can be an interesting choice for your bedroom walls as just a subtle difference can create different reactions in people. A dull white can be a bit of a downer, yet if it’s too bright it could actually stress you out. Best is to keep things calm is to select a warmer, creamy white. A white-painted room is considered as one of the most ideal colors for pregnant women.

Sage Green

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (6)

Sage green is great for a bedroom because it offers a tranquil and calming feeling yet still refreshing to wake up to. There is simply no better way to soften a room with a tranquil shade of sage. This versatile color has grayish, silvery undertones to add a twist of elegance onto traditional greens for a calming home vibe. This color is subtle enough to be neutral, yet still sufficiently prominent to set the mood in any room.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (7)

In this welcoming bedroom, the walls are a calming shade of Putty with a darker contrast on the door, furniture legs, and wooden floor. This harmonious blend creates a calm retreat and the perfect place to wake up to and to end a long tiring day.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (8)

Peach is not a color that you’ll often see in a home design, but perhaps we should give it more thought. In this modern living room, the peach walls pair with white and pink, resulting in a soft, mellow feel to calm even the most chaotic emotions. This little peachy haven away from the cares of the world helps to soothe away all the stress accumulated throughout the day.

Pale Yellow

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (9)

Bright yellow colors can be extremely stimulating and can have your mind run a mile every minute. However, a light, soft yellow shade can feel very soothing. With the right selection, your room can leave you feeling like you’re bathing in the warm rays of sunshine. Filled with a medley of neutral furniture and a few pastel pop-ups, this bedroom instantly sets a serene scene.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (10)

Both blue and green colors are known to exude tranquility and bring calmness to anyone. Having difficulty in picking out which color to best suit your style? Why not just choose both! Pair this serene color mixture with colorful furniture without feeling overwhelmed.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (11)

Coral is one of those beautiful hues that work with a broad range of decorating styles. This shade features undertones of orange and varying shades from soft pink to vibrant red. If you’re hoping to add some comfort and warmth into your room, coral color is easily the most ideal option to fit both traditional and contemporary décor.

This color tone is one of those seasonless shade that feels cozy in the winter and inviting in summer. The coral paint lends a warm touch to the neutral color scheme to offer a more relaxing feeling. The decorative accessories that pick up the wall’s color in this photo also helps create a strong sense of cohesion.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (12)

Not feeling too gray, not too purple, mauve is the perfect blend for a soothing sense of emotion. Its gracefulness and subtlety make it perfect for a bedroom to end your long day with. The hint of violet promotes balance and inner peace without feeling dull.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (13)

Soft, neutral beige provides a versatile canvas to mix and match with any number of looks. The trending earthy and laidback design with a touch of minimalist style works beautifully with beige hues. Add plush pillows and a soft throw to lounge in this cozy space all day.

Deep Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (14)

Blue stands true to its appearance that has a tremendous power to manage stress and calm the busiest minds. This peaceful, calm, and gentle color soothes your mind and slows down your heart rate and anxiety. Deep blue colors work to bring out the feelings of wisdom and calm in anyone. This room mixes the rich blue with contrasting furniture to prevent things from getting too intense.



All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (15)

Navy creates a sense of mystery and is a great choice for a bedroom. Calming in nature, a light cream furniture is a wonderful contrast alongside the blue tones. This very dark shade of blue is timeless and is here to stay.

The elegance and stability of the navy blue are enhanced by the earthy interior in this neat little bedroom. White carpet floors and neutral decorations bring airiness in this heavy yet splendid interior.

Milk Chocolate

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (16)

This light milky brown is warm yet not too overwhelming. This hue exudes sophistication when paired with woodwork. This combination of earthy rich dark chocolate and creamy warmth of milk provides you with a decorating theme that is both welcoming and tranquil without feeling monotonous. Soften this color tone with tan and ivory throw pillows for a more contemporary vibe.

Smoky Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (17)

If you’re drawn to rich, dark colors, you’ll love this smoky blue color. This almost grey shade of blue is perfect for large master bedrooms or quaint guest rooms. This rich and dramatic color is like a moody sky or turbulent sea without being overpowering. It works well as an accent or as the main color.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (18)

Buttermilk color offers a warmer hue than off-white but not as cloying as a full-on bright yellow. Buttermilk is a friendlier and more uplifting hue. Feel free to splash on this inviting color into your room to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Buttermilk walls look especially sophisticated with natural wood tones and some darker contrast to keep things fresh.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (19)

Taupe is one of the most versatile colors of all in the decorating world. This color is a moderately dark brownish gray that is sometimes tinged with red and green undertones. Whether you’re going for a contemporary, mid-century modern, or traditional décor, this sophisticated color makes a fantastic backdrop for your bedroom.

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Neutral Green

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (20)

Natural green colors are soothing and relaxing which makes it ideal for bedroom décor. This sophisticated hue creates a pleasant, comfortable, and attractive space design. Details in blueish and brownish colors perfectly accentuate the green and gray walls to spruce up a balanced and relaxing décor.

Purple Gray

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (21)

A dusky purple-gray can instantly turn a master bedroom into a sophisticated retreat. Purple makes a great accent color and adds depth to a room’s décor as a secondary color. Add on soft purple throw pillows, rugs, drapes, or lamps for a mellow vibe.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (22)

There’s nothing quite like jet black to set a moody vibe in a bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, darker tones don’t always make a room feel tiny. In fact, they sometimes do the exact opposite by creating an illusion of an expansive space.

The soft black paint color in this bedroom instantly makes it feel special and intimate in ways you’d never imagine can be achieved. Paired with eclectic furniture, the décor blends in nicely into the darkness to add a more lived-in and homey vibe.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (23)

While contemporary style is often in gray or other more mellow colors, there are always exceptions to the rule. You can add a splash of pink into your room to match it with secondary neutral colors such as white and brown to create a relaxed and updated style that is also bold!


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (24)

Ditch the boring old black and white colors and try on lime green! Coined from a citrus fruit, lime green is both vibrant and lively! This color is a mix of a little yellow and green. Pair it with neutral-colored furniture for a nice contrast.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (25)

Make a statement with red paint in either small doses or big. It takes a certain type of bravery and courage to add a splash of this bright and vibrant color. This classic color goes easily with anything. In this neat bedroom, white and black furniture harmoniously blend in with the red hue walls.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (26)

Blue is a classic and customizable choice to fit just about any color scheme. Every shade of blue, from bold navy to bright Aquas, brings about a different feel to your room. Go bold and paint your entire wall bright blue and pair it with an elegant bed frame for a bright and bold look that hints a touch of sophistication.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (27)

This blend of yellow and red color produces various shades of sunset and tropical fruit for an undeniable cheery and bold look. Traditionally, the orange color is said to stimulate activity, appetite, and socialization. You can work this color into your bedroom for a bright pop of color or more as a muted background color to gently warm up the room. The brown-orange blend of colors instantly adds warmth to any bedroom.

Sea Green

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (28)

This deep and bright color has a cooler undertone to help you usher in a new season. This cool sea green color is easily paired with any colors! Match your bold walls with even bolder decorative items for the spriteliest color in the rainbow. Your room will look make even the most beautiful peacock hide their features in shame!


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (29)

Love pumpkin spiced latte? Why not bring that right into your bedroom as well? This bold color creates a warm and calming environment to promote better sleep and relaxation. The neutral brown bed frame and bright orange throw pillows create a stark contrast of bright and plain. The lush white linen adds a touch of luxury into your bright room.

Beach Teal

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (30)

Wake up at a beach every day with this bright teal color. This beach-inspired paint color can make your home feel like a vacation home. While these coastal colors are generally inspired by the blues and greens of the sea and light beige tones of the sand, there are actually a wide variety of shades that draw inspiration from the beach to evoke a holiday feeling throughout your home.

Eggplant Purple

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (31)

This attractive color brings pleasure to the eyes. Purple can sometimes also be associated with strong and dramatic emotions. So, to ease your sight and feeling, you can mix this bold color with earthy tones like beige and brown to calm things down a little.

Electric Green

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (32)

A vivid, electric green color is halfway between green and yellow but the spectrum within this color ranges from bright lime to light Sulphur. The lighter, softer form of electric green makes a great wall color for down-to-earth and nature-inspired rooms.

The great thing about this bright color is that it is slowly getting more popular among modern design that can span the eras and does not need to be used sparingly. So, you’re free to go ahead and paint it all over. The electric green paint is an all-round great decorating color.

Warm Yellow

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (33)

Yellow is a warm color that inspires bright and cozy feelings that reminds us of sunshine and warm summer days. This is a very popular color used for lively and un nurseries. However, yellow also looks good in traditional or eclectic bedroom styles that offer a touch of elegance. The pop of dark blue cushions and headboard ties the room together to create a whimsically charming style.

Earthy Brown

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (34)

While this earthy brown isn’t known to steal the spotlight, it does evoke the color of rich hues that is incredibly deep and relaxing. Brown color brings an immense depth to create a sense of calm in your bedroom.

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Whether you enjoy the weather look of countryside décor or sleek contemporary style, different shades of brown go well with varying preferences and decorating themes.

Tropical Oasis

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (35)

Tropical style is one of the hottest trends this decade that has sparked many Instagram movement and inspired many homeowners to cover their walls with bold, jungle prints. This bright and cheery color instantly transforms your home into a retreat even if you’re smack right in the middle of the city. Add a few funky indoor plants to complete the look for a stress-free getaway.

Periwinkle Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (36)

The fairytale pastel color is a cross between lavender and light blue. Surprisingly, this happy hue works on a variety of design styles and it’s not just for your kids’ room. When paired with neutral and softer hues, the periwinkle blue walls can add a fresh, lively look to your sophisticated space.



All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (37)

Utilizing different shades of brown in a room helps create a layered effect. Dark mahogany furniture and deep blue bedding complement the softer hued throw pillows and lamp tied together with a neutral brown background. This very alluring and neutral look works to instantly wash your stress away and prepare you for a night of deep rest.

Cookies and Cream

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (38)

This bedroom features deep-brown elements to give depth and character to the space. Though this dark color might make a space seem gloomy, the light cream flooring and ceiling comes into play to bring in natural light for a cozier and more welcoming feel.

This bedroom shows an interplay of various hues and contrasts that are tied together with a common pattern. The chaise lounge, ottoman, and headboard come in a synchronized tufted look while the bright blue headboard gives the space a modern pop of color.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (39)

Yearning for a luxurious hotel room like style? Pair golden yellow walls with deep chocolate brown for first-class sophistication. This bedroom utilizes yellow indirect ceiling lights to promote a relaxing and calming mood. The white furniture and bedding add a nice contrast to an otherwise dark room.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (40)

Oak is the new black! Feel free to mix up a few different wooden shares when decorating to add some variation in color, texture, and pattern to make your room more visually appealing. The best thing about natural wood color is that it is neutral enough to go well with any color scheme. From contrasting tones to patterned grains, this earthy tone matches them all like a pro!


Soft Pink

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (41)

The soft pink hue is a subtle and sweet way to add some romantic vibes into your bedroom. You can even adjust the color to be more subdued or vibrant depending on personal taste and preference. A darker color creates an interesting vibe across the room while light pink gives a soft romantic vibe that is tantalizing to even the coldest of hearts.

Black Satin

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (42)

Romantic black satin color is one of the most luxurious and stylish decorating ideas that can set the mood for any occasion. This deep, moody color creates a classy and mysterious charm to modern interior decorating. It has a certain forbidden quality that makes it irresistible. A room painted black is a place where you go to for secrets.

This modern bedroom décor includes black bedding sets, furniture, and accessories to feel more seductive and sophisticated. Black room designs are always popular and in style. You definitely have to be very confident to use black, and that confidence is very sexy.

Heritage Red

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (43)

There really is no going wrong when it comes to incorporating red into your bedroom. This deep wet red is a luscious, fever dream that is both exciting and provocative. The high-energy yet calming color is bold and timeless. Feel free to mix it up with different shades of red for a more attractive appeal. In this sweet little décor, the red color feature wall is accented by goldish décor to create a romantic and captivating feel.

Bittersweet Chocolate

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (44)

Achieve total peace and tranquility when you use neutral colors or earthy tones for your bedroom. This color, like the divinely decadent chocolate, is definitely one of the sexiest colors available. The dark, sumptuous shade instantly draws you in for a heightened sense of emotions. The dark chocolate, wood, and tan colors are paired with the right intensity of patterns and textures to bring a mysterious and romantic atmosphere to get the mood going.

Gulf Stream

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (45)

This beachy blue color promotes relaxation and helps you unwind from your long day. Imaging going sailing around the Caribbean islands and looking into the deep blue water. There’s a certain sexiness that comes from feeling the breeze in your hair and sun on your skin.

The laid-back look for the nautical design combines several soothing and natural colors to make anyone feel at ease. Add a few decorative stripes to your decor, to complete a serene and romantic space to come home to.

Driftscape Tan

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (46)

Get ready for all the compliments when you show your guests around. This color has a hint of taupe with an amethyst undertone when it goes up on your walls. Match it with gorgeous textured silks and furniture for a soft and sensuous feel. This elegant design is both sophisticated and romantic.


All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (47)

Today’s trendiest color, gunmetal gray, is perfect for a bedroom. This subtle shade works great with warm or cool tones to create a restful backdrop in traditional, modern, or cottage style.

This romantic bedroom features a smoky, sexy, and sophisticated décor. From matching wall-to-wall carpeting, china-white accents, rich wood, and sophisticated silks to recreate the ultimate love den.

Dorset Cream

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (48)

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Candle lights are synonymous with romance. This peachy cream color resembles an evening candlelight over a romantic dinner setup or the late afternoon sun on a terrace in Naples with a glass of Prosecco in your hands. The golden sun-kissed glow wall delivers a certain ‘Come hither’ sexiness into your room.

Autumn Orange

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (49)

Go for some warmth and earthiness with this orange color that reminds you of autumn. It is not too loud or brash and works as a beautiful backdrop to match with other colors like hot pink, chartreuse, aqua, and even olive. This orange paint has the quality to embrace and hold varying styles while making almost any color look against it.

Color Schemes

How does one choose only a single-color theme when there are literally unlimited choices of colors to select off the palette? So, why not pick more than one color? You have the freedom to mix and match a few colors to introduce a unique color scheme that fits the mood you feel most in tune with. Whether it’s soft and dreamy, bold and vibrant, or muted and serene, here are 20 color combos for you to browse over and fall in love!

Red, White, and Black

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (50)

Black and white are some of the most classic options to consider when designing any part of your home. Both neutral colors easily accept any other color into the decorating scheme. By adding a warm color, such as red, you create a bold statement in your space.

Both black and red colors provide a modern appearance while white is used to neutralize any shrinking effect brought by the dark, bold colors. The three-color combination makes a perfect and classical style for your bedroom that creates a dramatic effect. This is a great color scheme for a modern bedroom that carries an inspiring energy.

Creams and Coral

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (51)

Coral is one of those colors that comes in a wide array of shades and styles. Some of them feel contemporary, some are loud, while others are very relaxing to make you feel right at home. Pairing this delicate tone with cream can get you a modern, trendy look you’re searching for. Just a hint of this color duo instantly adds a touch of femininity into your room that feels super cozy.

Royal Red and Navy Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (52)

While red and blue colors are mostly reserved for summer table spread or kitschy beach houses, this color combo is the newest design power couple. This color couple is super versatile that lets you experiment with all kinds of look ranging from vintage to a peacock and bohemian-like vibe. There are so many ways to play with this pair of colors.

Go all out with bright blue walls in this setup and blue patterned flooring. The bright red curtain and décor bring out a pop of color for a nice modern contrast. Ease the whole appeal with neutral-colored furniture for a softer look.

Red and Aqua

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (53)

Aqua and red is a timeless color combination and works in vintage spaces as well as modern ones. This pair may look sweet and placid but, if you play your card correctly, and you can achieve a bold and dominant look. The eye-catching watery aqua and fiery red duo give an instantaneous impact of yin and yang that is perfectly balanced. One step into this room and you’ll immediately be smacked with a breath of fresh air that is not too overpowering.

Two-toned neutrals

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (54)

Not everyone likes bright, bold colors, we get that. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring either. Neutral colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, grey, and several shades of white may appear to be without color, but in terms of design, these hues often have undertones to bring out different feelings and emotions.

This is critical especially if you’re going for an all-neutral look, you need to layer the different hues of the same color for a classy and sophisticated look without getting dull. This bedroom pairs grey and beige that is tied together with accessories that include some of the shades used for a subtle and calming style.

Green and Blue

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (55)

To bring a natural feeling into your bedroom, you should choose a color for the walls that you see out in the park. This will also give you a sense that the room continues beyond the windows. Green color makes one feel alive and it works to elevate your spirit.

Decorate the bedroom in greens and browns to bring some earthiness to your room. This light green wall is paired with deep brown in this space to create a fully cocooned environment that is ultra-cozy and warm.

Skies and Oranges

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (56)

Orange and blue color schemes often bring popular and happy color combination into your room by blending warmth and cool details for a relaxing and beautiful style. The hot orange and calming blue work together to create a well-balanced, gorgeous room.

This room features neutral walls painted in shades of clear blue skies with bright orange curtains in this prominent blue and orange combo. The orange accented décor makes for an interesting look to open up smaller spaces.

Bohemian Color Schemes

All The Best Bedroom Colors for Every Mood (2021) (57)

Bohemian interior decorating is often well-loved for its rich colors, ethnic styles, and diverse patterns. This design is commonly favored among homeowners who desire an individualized décor for their space. There are many elements to create a boho décor, such as vintage furniture and Moroccan inspired lanterns. The mix of all these results in a unique originality and personalized style for any room in the home.

To create an intriguing Bohemian combo in the bedroom, try to stick to more neutral tones with just a few pops of color here and there. Greys, tans, browns and cream color blend well together and they can even be easily dressed up or down depending on the type of feeling you want to achieve. Feel free to add interesting textures and design pieces to make the space more alluring and uniquely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when it is time to repaint my home?

When you notice your home’s interior paint starts to fade, then it is the best time to repaint. A typical paint job should be able to last approximately 5 to 10 years. The duration of your paint job also depends on where you live, the climate, and humidity surrounding the area. More advanced signs of needing to paint are small cracks, flakes, and peels on the paint. If these leave untreated, it could lead to more serious problems in the future.

How do I select an interior paint color?

The first thing to consider when selecting an interior paint color is to consider lighting. A poorly lit room will appear much bigger when it is painted with light colors while larger rooms can feel cozier with darker paint. If you like a little more dramatic vibe, you can opt to paint smaller rooms with dark tones. The paint colors in your house really depend on the mood that you want to evoke in a room as well as your own personal taste.

Should I try out paint colors?

Even when you think you’ve picked out the right color, it is always a good idea to take the time and money to get a sample first. Paint colors often look drastically different in your home than they will in the paint store. If you don’t like the idea of test painting your walls, paint your sample over a poster board and tape it to your wall. This way you get to see how the color acts against different lighting situations without ruining your walls.

How do I choose the best paint sheen for my paint job?

Actually, choosing a sheen is much easier than picking out a paint color. Most interior rooms are painted with satin or eggshell finish. Eggshell finishing is the same middle ground between high gloss and matte as it creates a smooth finish that is easy to clean. Smaller areas like doors, trim, and cabinets can be painted with a high or semi-gloss sheen. These areas are the easiest to get dirty and high glass finishing will facilitate much easier cleanup. As for matte sheen, these are usually used for low traffic areas such as the ceiling. Matte sheen paints are easy to apply but definitely not easy to clean, so you won’t want this paint getting smudged often.

How do I prep a room for interior painting?

The very first step to prep a room for interior painting is to remove all your furniture. If the room is large enough, you can place all of them in the center of the room away from the walls. Next is to take everything off from the walls. If there are holes in the walls from nails, you’ll need to fill them in before starting your paint job.

Do I need a primer?

You will need a primer if you’re buying regular old paint. You will definitely get better results if you apply a coat of primer before adding the color. Primer is a light-color base coat that smoothens and seals the wall to create a foundation for a streak-free paint job. However, you can skip this step if you’re getting a paint-and-primer combo that will cost more and often require two coats anyway.

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