Grande en Casagrande (2023)

Disclaimer: This story has a GTS focus. While it can be enjoyed by most people, do not be surprised by the emphasis on the subject. This is also perfectly SFW, so no worry.

I do not own the characters of this story, they are the proprety of Nickelodeon and associates.

FURTHERMORE, I do not own the original idea of this scenario, as you must have guessed. I have only remixed it with dialogues and additional characters. This was inspired by Jackurai's animations, of which I'll put links towards in the description. Yes, I do have his permission for this.

And finally... enjoy!


  • 1 Chapter 1: Going up?
  • 2 Chapter 2: Big preparations
  • 3 Chapter 3: The GRANDEst of roadtrips
  • 4 Chapter 4: Home, Large House
  • 5 Chapter 5: A Lincoln in the hand, is worth two in someone else's

Chapter 1: Going up?

The light sound of traffic, the smell of lint, the lack of scratches from the nasty cat gang roaming the block. Yep, it was a pretty good day for the odd couple that was Ronnie-Anne Santiago, and Lincoln Loud. The two were walking down the small hallway towards the niña's room.

“Nice of you to drop by for the weekend, Lame... Lincoln. Woof, this is hard to get used to.” said Ronnie-Anne, shaking her head. The two had 'officialised' only a month ago, and the urges that came with their previous rough friendship were still crawling down the latino girl's back. Sloppy Joes had to be forbidden around the table, for both their sakes.

“Heh, no problem Ronnie.” chirped the young boy and sole brother of the Loud pack. He was wearing his classic orange shirt/blue jeans/white sneakers combo, just as Ronnie-Anne was wearing her purple hoodie, blue shorts, and purple shoes. “I've been looking forward to see you again, plus to get a little peace and quiet.”

“Peace and quiet? And you chose MY home, in THIS city?” Ronnie-Anne chortled.

“I did once you told me the news.” corrected Lincoln, before turning to speak towards a non-existing camera. “Yep, it's an empty day at the Casagrandes. The flats are all pratically empty, and Ronnie-Anne's family has a big schedule out of the city. Frida has volunteered as one of the chaperons at the boys' school for their trip at H2World, not wanting to miss her babies in their first swimming trunks. Her words, not mine. Bobby and Carlos are helping the deliveryman get the supplies for the bodega, after Carlitos' rattle made him fall and twist your ankle. Carlitos is going with them, being the culprit and all.”

“As for Abuela and Abuelo, they've been gone all week on their anniversary cruise, so that only leaves me, Carlota, and my mom, who's enjoying her special weekend off.” finished Ronnie-Anne, looking in the same direction. “I still have no idea who we're talking to.”

“It's best not to think about it too much. I've still got the brain cramps from last time.” admitted Lincoln half-jokingly. The two shared a hearty laugh as they entered the bedroom. It was well-furnished with a large bed, skateboard posters, a small TV with a video game system, and even a mini-fridge. It was a far cry from Lincoln's closet room. “What should we do first?”

Ronnie-Anne wiped her brow. “Let me open a window, it's stuffed in here. Then I can resume kicking your butt at Avenue Brawler VI!” She skipped to the window to do so, but the moment she opened it, something caught her attention. “What's that crackling sound?”

Her answer came in the form of a minuscule bolt of energy zooming towards her, and hitting her straight between the eyes. She yelped in surprise, and fell back on the carpeted floor, immediately alerting Lincoln.

“Woah! Are you okay?” he asked worringly, helping her on her feet and on the bed.

Ronnie-Anne was rubbing her forehead. “I'm fine, ow. Either I just saw the weirdest mosquito, or I got hit by a laser.” She snorted. “Yeah right.”

But Lincoln, who took lasers seriously, gasped. “A laser? What kind? Are you gonna mutate into a Super Ronnie?! That'd actually be really cool.”

Ronnie-Anne rolled her eyes and playfully punched his arm. “Oi, dork master, keep your fantasies in the comics. Must have been the sun in my eyes anyway, there's no way it was a... a...” She stopped when a tingling sensation started invading her body. It was faint and cushy, but too weird to ignore, especially when her skin started to glow and tremble. “Okay, this is kinda-”


“-weird?” she finished faintly. Her eyes wide with surprise, she took a good look at herself. Some of er clothes were looking a bit snug now. Her hoodie had become a size too small, retracted on many levels. Her shoulders were too wide, a bit of her white tank top was showing at the bottom, and her sleeves were above her wrists. Her shorts only had the sleeves being a little tight, and her stockings were mostly spared. But the worst part were her feet. Holes were poking through the fabric of her socks, which she could see, as her shoes had simply split open like clams!

This was no belated comedic effect from the washing machine, though. Because when she looked at Lincoln, she sure wasn't looking eye-to-eye with him. Litterally so.

Naturally, Ronnie-Anne kept a perfect composure through all of this.And if you believed that, you are a gullible person. Change that.Naturally, she immediately freaked out. “WHAT THE HECK?!” she yelled, bounding off her bed to properly take in her new size. “What kind of mosquito was that?!”

“Ronnie-Anne, you...” Lincoln trailed off. Because once off the bed, he too saw how much his girlfriend had grown. A full foot! (~30 centimeters.) His scalp was coming up to her chin! Lincoln gulped, and proceeded. “You don't look like you're mutating, at least.” he attempted, and got a sharp frown as thanks. “Okay, bad way of putting it.”

“No youthink?!” growled Ronnie-Anne through clenched teeth, but simmered down when she saw the fear in the boy's eyes. “Sorry, sorry. This is just... NOT what I expected to happen this afternoon.” She put her open palm against Lincoln's, and cringed at how easily it engulfed his. “I don't think even Abuela would have an explanation for this.”

“Well... maybe Lisa could!” Lincoln snapped his fingers. “She has an explanation for pratically everything!”

“Well, call her!” pressed Ronnie-Anne, flapping her arms.

“Okay, just gotta...” said Lincoln, typing his password, and choosing Lisa on his speed dial. The phone was beeping. “If that fails, it's either Lucy or just accepting you've just become the absolute alpha in this relationship.” he joked, taking a page from the resident comedian of the Loud House to lighten the mood.

It worked like a charm, as Ronnie-Anne propped her elbow on his head. “And we can add 'armrest' to your perks, little guy.”

They shared a chuckle, until a voice pierced through it. “Greetings, brother.

Lincoln almost let go of the phone, but managed to glue it against his ear. “Lisa! Listen, I need to ask you something, and it's kind of urgent.”

Lisa audibly sighed. “Can it not wait? I am currently on the verge of a scientific breakthrough that could solve one of the most ancient conundrums of humankind. Pardon me for a moment...” Her voice was soon replaced by a low humming, and followed with a loud crackling sound. The latter revved up Ronnie-Anne's memories.

“That's it! That's the noise that green thing made!” And then, she realised. She gave a dry look at her now Number 1 Suspect's brother, who was wincing hard. He too had an idea of who was behind their recent bout of weirdness.

“Lisa? What problem are you tackling, and how?” Lincoln slowly asked.

Why, world hunger of course. And I've devised a tool that allows for the expansion of cells, which shall be used to maximise nutrition to the point where a single apple should be enough to feed a whole village.

“She said a sentence and a half, but it feels like she just read one of Carlos' thesis.” groaned Ronnie-Anne.

“Don't worry, I've dealt with her enough to get most of it.” said Lincoln, then returned to Lisa. “Soooo, you built up a kind ofgrowthray.”

In the layman's terms, yes. It's still in the testing phase.

“Andhoware you testing it?”

By shooting a benign apple.” simply replied Lisa, shooting another round. “I have yet to see any effect however, as my invention seems to refuse to strike the apple. Either its cellular structure possesses propreties that act as a repelling magnetic force, or my aiming needs some serious work.

It was starting to come together in the two non-geniuses, and they were not liking it. “And where did the missing rays go, exactly?”

Have no fear, they've all departed through an open window.” Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne slapped their foreheads. “And according to my calculations, they have not traveled more than three meters, or ten feet, before disolving into the air.

“And you know that, because...”

Because I have done the math, as you'd put it. Weren't you listening?” Lisa bluntly replied, unaware of the hands being dragged down faces on the other end of the line. “If this is all you needed to know, brother, I'm afraid I have to get back to my work-

“WAIT!” Lincoln spoke hastily. “You don't understand, you've made a mistake! One of your blasts travelled all the way to Great Lakes City, and turned Ronnie-Anne into... um, Slightly Taller Ronnie-Anne!”

“Smooth, Lincoln.” said Ronnie-Anne.



...I see how it is. Brother, kindly tell Luan that my mind is not budging on the matter of her reading assignement. 'Huckleberry Finn' is a wonderful work, and she shall read it by herself to find out the answers she needs. Good day, Lincoln.

“No, this isn't a prank! Hello? Dang it, she hung up!” groaned Lincoln.

“Well, that was a bust.” sighed the grown chica. She jumped on her bed, blushed at how much it sagged under her, and laid down. “Any other idea, or am I doomed to reach the highest shelves forever?”

“Don't worry, Ronnie.” Lincoln rhymed, for he was no quitter. “Lisa can't turn off her phone nor mute it in case of national emergencies. That's why I'm going to use an ace straight out of Lori's hand.”

Said ace turned out to be calling Lisa again, skip voicemail, rinse and repeat until she'd pick up. This went on for more than five minutes, Ronnie-Anne used that time to remove her ruined shoes, and look at them sadly. “Aw man, those were my good skating shoes.”

At last, Lisa picked up, and she sounded quite irate. “Your insistance is commendable, but highly grating.

“Lisa, this is not a prank! Ronnie-Anne really grew in front of me, and because she was nailed by a green spark thingie! You gotta believe me!”

Lisa snorted. “Brother, your story bears more holes than swiss cheese. Not only is it propestreous to think that the blast stayed whole and bounced from reflective matter to the next like some sort of cartoon, aaaaaall the way to your current position, but if by some turn of fate, which is unscientific, it had reached your girlfriend, it would not have merely made 'slightly taller'.”

Lincoln and Ronnie-Anne straightened up in alarm. “It... wouldn't?” gulped Lincoln.

Of course not. If you don't count the minute warming charge I fired first, the effects of a blast would have, hypothetically, been far more potent. She would most likely not be able to stand in a regular room. Why, at its peak, the blast would have made her go through the roof! Note the jesting tone, because it could never happen.

Lincoln was far from laughing. He was worried, very worried. Ronnie-Anne was faring a bit better, and she tried to ignore the lump in her throat. “I guess I got lucky after all. I got the little charge, hehe...” she laughed weakly. Her smile was wiped off, however, when she picked up that noise again. “You gotta be kidding...” she breathed.

“Lisa, stop firing!” nagged Lincoln.

I have not touched the trigger since our conversation resumed.

It hit Ronnie-Anne. First, the realisation. And then, half-a-second later, a much brighter beam passing through the same window. This time, she truly felt the energy impacting her body, which was glowing like she had fallen headfirst into a barrel of radioactive waste. And this time, she was really worried.

Lincoln? Are you still there?

He couldn't answer, not yet. His attention was focused on his big girlfriend, who was about to get a whole lot bigger. He watched with wide eyes as Ronnie-Anne was overtaken by wild spasms. He swore he could hear a rumbling sound coming from her, like a volcano about to erupt.

“L-L-Lincoln, g-g-get b-b-back!” she warned, in spite of her shaking coming to its peak.


“Eeep!” squeaked Lincoln with little virility, and had the reflexes (Thank you Lynn) to jump out of the room, and adopt the (back-to-the-air) position, as he heard crashing and destruction behind him, followed by a mini-earthquake that almost flipped him over like a calf. He maintained his position for a few seconds. Once he was sure everything had settled, he shakily stood up, and turned around for the most unrealistic of views.

Lincoln! Are you well?! I thought I'd heard a level 6 earthquake, but my seismograph is telling me otherwise. Did something happen?!” Lisa blabbed all at once. Lincoln was glad she was worried, but kept a bewildered look as he swapped his call for a video call, and pointed the phone in the direction he was looking. “Oh... I believe I owe you some apologies.

Yeah, maybe you do!” Ronnie-Anne's voice rattled the little room, and she could tell, with how cramped it now felt. The poor girl had been bloated to four times her previous size!

Laying on her back with her head propped up against the wall, her hair brushed the ceiling, while her feet almost reached the other side of her room. Clothing-wise, her shorts were fine, but her hoodie was starting to suffer. It was now tight around her torso, the sleeves had been torn to shreds, and the bottom of it had raised some more, showing a bit of her white tanktop and her bellybutton. And under her laid the remains of her bed, shattered under her girth. At least the mattress made the situation a little comfier, but that didn't quell the massive girl one bit.

“First my best shoes, now my bed! Gah, this stinks! And I can't even get out of the room now! At least I can save my drinks.” She carefully opened her mini-fridge, and put a handful of cool cans in her wide pocket. She saw her boyfriend, and blushed. Her only scaling visual right now was her foot, and it was up to his chin. “This is weird. This is way too weird.”

“I can vouch for that.” mumbled Lincoln, overwhelmed by the sheer hugeness of his girlfriend. “I mean, there was the time Lucy turned into a bat monster, but she mostly hung in dark places and slithered behind our backs. Only she was airborne. Ah, we're getting off-topic!” he slapped some sense into himself. “Lisa, you have to fix this!”

While I most certainly agree, I am also incapable to do so as of the moment.” she nervously admittedI have yet to build a cell compression function. But give me some time, and I shall have it operational. In the meantime, I suggest you get to safety. Who knows what became of the few other rounds I shot...

Lincoln blinked. “Other rounds? What other rounds?!”

Lisa grinned nervously. “Sounds! I said 'other sounds'! Because I dish out a mean rap, yo. Um, peace out!” She hung up.

Lincoln sighed. So much for a quiet day. He pocketed his phone, and looked at Ronnie-Anne. “I guess that means no video games. This is not thecrushingadvantage you needed.” he punned, owning his part-time assistant role for Luan's business.

Ronnie-Anne's eyes widened. “You need to get out.”

“Aw man, I didn't think it was that bad of a joke...”

“No, I mean youneedto get out!” yelled the giant girl... as she was slowly becoming even more of a giant! “I'm not stopping! I'll be alright, just go!”

“A-Are you sure?” he asked as he took a shaky step back. Her foot suddenly pushed through the doorway, now as big as him. “Yikes! I'm gone, I'm gone!”

This moment, only the current residents, his family and himself would know about. The moment he ran for his life while his girlfriend's giant leg, growing steadily larger, was chasing him down a hallway. Thankfully, her growth spurt seemed to be slowing down, and the boy made it to the door safe and sound.

“This is insane!” he yelled, while trying to catch his breath. “I need to evacuate the building before Ronnie starts wearing it! First, I'd better get-”


The noise, combined with the green glow emanating from the door he was about to open, sent a chill down the Loud boy's spine. Still, he knocked and went in. Inside, he foundCarlota Casagrandeas she was trying some new clothes. She was wearing her usual turquoise dress with buttons, her yellow pearl earrings, and her big brown heeled boots. He was fairly lucky for that, not only because she was decent, but also because he would have had a hard time telling any colour apart from the bright green glow encasing her whole body.

“Hm? Oh, hi Lincoln!” she waved at him, somehow oblivious to her fainting glimmer. “You're just the little guy I was looking for. Oooh, I even feel tingly, I'm so glad!”

“You don't say.” gulped Lincoln. “Carlota, you might want to-”

“Just a sec, I need your honest opinion, you've got an eye for these things.” chirped Carlota. She spun around, and showed her backside to Lincoln. Living with so many big sisters, he was pretty used to this sight, and the question that followed. “See, I bought this new dress. It's like my old one, but a little brighter, perfect for Summer. I gotta know though:does it make my butt look big?” She then lost a bit of her perky attitude. “Man, I feelrealtingly today.”


Yes, Lincoln was used to give the 'booty opinion'. However, this was a new one. In the blink of an eye, Carlota's buns had gone into the oven, and rose up three times larger! (The author would like to apologise for this awful allegory...) Lincoln's cheeks reddened as he tried thinking of any answer for... this. “Um, um, um...”

“Y-You know what? Don't answer that...” Carlota replied with a shaky smile, clearly trying to not scream. But fate wasn't done with her just yet. The tingling spread everywhere, and Carlota saw her body catch up with her buns. Her head hit the ceiling in a matter of seconds, and she naturally panicked. “Nyow! W-What's happeningto me?! Lincoln, help!”

“WhatcanI do?!” Lincoln cried helplessly, as Carlota grew bigger before his very eyes.

“Quick, put this in your pocket!” ordered Carlota. She quickly picked up a little box from her dresser, punching some products away by mistake, and shoved it Lincoln's noodle arms. “This is my special ring collection, it's the one thing my hind's not crushing down! Um, that and you, and other people, of course.” she chuckled sheepishly. “Now go, before I become even more freaky!”


This horrible sound belonged to Carlota's brand new dress tearing right in the middle, into top and bottom. Crestfallen, the mega latina reacted accordingly.


Lincoln was blown out of the room by her booming despair, and the door slammed shut after him. He pulled his face off the carpeting, and was in desperate need of a plan. “Okay Lincoln, just keep it together. The plan still stands, you need to get people out! Carlota is down, or up for the count – dang it Luan – so all that's left is Ms. Santiago, and-”

“Lincoln?” called Ronnie-Anne's best friend in Great Lakes City,Sid Chang. The cheerful brunette was wearing her blue sweater, black shorts, black and white trainer boots, pink headband, and an unusual worried frown. “I felt an earthquake from my room, but no one in the streets looked worried, but it messed up my dance, so I knew something was wrong, so I came down fast to see you, because my parents and my li'l sis aren't there, so I only have to worry about you guys!” She loudly gasped for air, then smiled. “Also, hi Lincoln!”

Lincoln would have smiled too, but instead, he grasped Sid's shoulders and shook her. “Sid, tell me! Tell me you weren't hit by a green laser or started glowing all weird like!”

“Oh, okay! I wasn't hit by a green laser or started glowing all weird like!” she repeated earnestly. Lincoln sighed in relief, as she went on. “But why? Are we playing mutants?” She gasped. “Are there mutants coming out of the sewers? Are they trying to break in?!”

Lincoln scratched his neck nervously. “They're... already inside.”

“What?!” yelled Sid. She heard moaning, and crashing sounds coming from both doors. Immediately, her imagination ran wild. “Oh no! Come one Lincoln! We have to save Ronnie-Anne and Carlota from these uglies! CHAAAARGE!”

“Wait, no! You don't understand!” said Lincoln, as he pulled her back from the doors.

“Understand what?! That my best friend and the most fashionable person I know are in danger, and you're doingnothingabout it?!” accused Sid, not scared to bare her teeth.

“No, you really don't understand! They are...”

Out of nowhere, Ronnie-Anne's foot brought the door down and off its hinges, making the two shriek and hug eachother in fear. The thing was as large as the doorway now! The other door didn't live much longer, as it was smashed down by...Carlota's round backside.It too, was taking the whole doorway.

“...They are the ones changing.” finished Lincoln.

“Díos mío, this is so humiliating...” echoed the mortified voice of the poor fashionista trapped inside.

“Lincoln? I heard a girl scream, are you alright?” called Ronnie-Anne from the room she had most likely outgrown by now.

“Yeah, I- hey!” Lincoln had caught the jab, but it was no time to be upset. “I mean, yeah, I'm okay. And I'm not alone!”

Sid was aghast by the sight before her. She approached her friend's giant foot, and carefully poked at it. “R-Ronnie-Anne? Is that really you?”

“Hahaha! S-Sid, stop! This is a horrible time for tickles!” she guffawed, making Sid stop with a gasp.

“Oh my gosh, it is you! What happened to you?! Why are you so big?! Why is your cousin so big?! Is this... is this what puberty's like?”

“Sid, chill! Look, I can't explain right now, but you two need to run!” begged Ronnie-Anne, now worried for her best friend's safety.“Go get my mom, and get out of here! I don't know when I'm gonna stop growing!”

“Me either! In fact... ooooh...” Carlota moaned in discomfort. Lincoln and Sid saw the foot and butt tremble, and they took it as their cue to cut and run. The growth spurt that followed had the unfortunate effect of Ronnie-Anne invontularily kicking Carlota's buns.

“Ooow! Alright, who's the wise guy?!”

“Sorry Carlota!”

“Puberty really is scarier than I thought!” exclaimed Sid, still on the run with her best friend's other best friend.

“It's not- never mind.” sighed Lincoln. “We need to grab Mrs. Santiago, ASAP!”

In the living room, Sid suddenly skidded to a halt, gaping at what laid ahead of her. “That's gonna be a hard task, Lincoln.”

Confused, Lincoln looked in front of him, and almost faceplanted the rug while trying to stop his run. Another giant tanned foot blocked his foot, roughly his size. And it belonged to the very woman they were looking for.

“Lincoln? Sid?” said Mrs. Santiago, looking somewhat relieved despite her awkward sitting position. Now four times her normal size, the giant mother had to duck her head to not hit the ceiling, and spread her legs in weird angles to not total the furniture around her. Her light blue nurse outfit had been turned into a ragged tank top and shorts, strangely akin to a B-movie costume of another giant woman.

“Oh no, not you too!” groaned Sid. “I thought you had your puberty long ago, Mrs. Santiago!”

“...I have no idea what you're talking about, but I don't like the 'long ago' here.” frowned Maria, then raised an eyebrow. “And why 'me too'? Where are Ronnie-Anne and Carlota?”

“If I had to guess, I'd say-” They heard a crashing sound and feminine shouts. Lincoln gulped. “They're getting to the third floor...”

Maria's eyes widened in panic. “Madre de dio, this is worst than I thought. Kids, I don't know what is going on. But you have to leave the building! Go, before I start growing again, and-”

Another green laser suddenly sprang through the window, and struck Maria. The kids wisely jumped back as she immediately started to grow. Her head bumped against the ceiling, cracking it, and made her lose her balance. She ended on her back, and her arm dropped in the hallway behind her, before growing into the kitchen. When the growth stopped, her size had more than doubled. And worst of all, she was stuck in the worst position for everyone.

“...block the exit.” moaned Maria, unable to remove herself from the hallway. Too big to move, but too small to make a hole to free her arm. “This is not how I saw myself spending my week-end off.”

“We're trapped!” yelled Lincoln, at the end of his nerves. “We're going to get crushed under their massive weight! Who would want to go like that?!”

“Lincoln, rude! Mrs. Santiago isjustthere!” chided Sid.

“Well, I'm not exactly light as a feather right now.” Maria grinned sheepishly. An epiphany then struck her. “The fire escape! You kids can escape through there!”

“Urgh, duh!” Lincoln berated himself. “I've used the slide in my room so many times, how did I not think of that?!”

“I live in this building, so I've got even less excuses. But no time for the blame game!” the brunette flapepd her hands around. “First through the window gets to help the other climb out!”

“Please, be careful.” dotted Maria, but her motherly instincts were soon overtaken by a tingling sensation. To their shared horror, she was growing again, in smaller spurts, and slowly filling up the room. “H-Hurry!”

The kids didn't need to be told twice. They climbed out of the window, and landed on the metal platform. “Go down, go down!” yelled Lincoln.

But their hopes of escape were dashed when a louder groan from the growing nurse inside was heard, and her titanic foot smashed through the brick wall, destroying the descending stairway.

“GO UP! GO UP!” screamed Sid, already booking it while pulling on the boy's arm.

As the two went up, they could see that the growing nightmare wasn't even slowing down. First, Maria's other foot crashed through the adjacent wall. Then, Carlota's backside tore through the windowsill for the streets to witness (“Oh come on!”). And finally, their friend's giant hand came out of a window and almost smushed them, while her terrified face could be seen from the window above, still getting bigger.

But by some miracle, they made it to the ladder, and the roof. But a breather was their only solace, for they knew they were truly trapped this time. “This is *pant* officially *pant* the weirdest day of my life...” wheezed Lincoln.

“Me too.... And I know an alligator... who can ballet dance!” groaned Sid. Another quake hit the building, making her fall on her butt. She was now very scared. “What do we do now? We've got no escape, no one to help, and we're out of places to run to!”

“I... I don't know. I-I've got no plan. I thought living with a family as large as mine would prepare me for anything, but this...” he groaned both in defeat, and for the pun he was about to invoke. “...this is a problem toobigfor me to handle.”

The two sat next to eachother, fear in their hearts and defeat in their minds. Still, as Sid contemplated the situation, she put on a friendly smile, and aimed it at Lincoln. “At least, we've got eachother, right? If I'm going down, I'm glad it's with a friend. A friend I only met twice, but still.”

Lincoln returned the smile. “Yeah... not the worst way to go.” He frowned. “Geez, I sound like my sister Lucy.”

They shared a giggle at this, then fell into peaceful silence. Silence... Silence? That wasn't right. “Hey, is it me, or did things really get quiet?” noted Sid.

“You're right.” said Lincoln, standing up. He peered over the edge, and saw something shocking. Or rather, he didn't see anything, and that was shocking. “They're gone! The giant limbs are gone!”

“Gone?! How can that be?” wondered the brunette. A glint of hope lit her eyes. “Maybe the effects stopped, and they shrunk back to normal! Yay, we survived puberty!”


Sid looked down at her feet, and saw cracks starting to appear. The roof's tiles were rising together, like somethingBIGwas pushing it from underneath. The brunette's hopes fell, as did her smile. “Or not...”

As the cracks were getting longer and more numerous by the second, the two tweens hugged eachother for flimsy, but warm protection. “Brace yourself!” yelled Lincoln. They closed their eyes, and awaited their fate.

Life was rarely boring around the Casagrande appartments, but the passer-bys and tenants from nearby buildings were in for a treat today. After the giant limbs had retracted themselves, the structure bulged up like an inflating balloon, before releasing pressure in a gobsmacking way: three giant ladies erupting through the roof.

They had gotten so huge, Ronnie-Anne alone was a head taller than the building itself. She had lost her hoodie, and was stuck in a slightly short tank top, slightly torn shorts, and her ponytail still intact.

Carlota would have the building come up to her stomach. She was wearing the rags of her dress split in two, the bottom worn from hips to just above her knees, and the top measly tied around her chest. As for her boots, they'd be dearly missed.

Maria was the biggest, of course, as the building would only come to her hips. Her torn nurse outfit had thankfully not suffered any additional damage, but it still left little to imagination.

And the three were now hanging out the roof of their home, while standing on the ground floor. The other floors had been rammed through and severely damaged by their growing forms. Ronnie-Anne looked down at herself, and winced.

“I can't say I've never dreamed of being like this, but this is NOT how I saw it happening.” she gulped, taking in the height that was now hers.

“You can say that again! This ain't how I wanna trend!” moaned Carlota, trying to hide her face from the dozens of phones from the crowd, taking pictures of this surrealist situation.

Maria scanned the damages, and saw a silver lining. “Thank the stars no one was in there.” That is, until she remembered two missing mice. “Where are Sid and Lincoln?!”

The two gasped, and the giantesses looked around frantically, but couldn't see them in the crowd, nor could they see them on the fire escapes. They even looked inside, but saw nothing but destruction. “Where the heck are they?!” panicked Ronnie-Anne. “They got out, right?! We didn't... I didn't...” Tears started welling-up in her eyes.

Suddenly, Carlota spotted something on her cousin's head. “Wait, I found them! Nie-Nie, do NOT move.”

Ronnie-Anne was still as a statue, as Carlota and Maria bent down ever so slightly to spot the trembling form of Lincoln and Sid tangled in their gargantuan friend's hair, hugging eachother and their eyes squeezed shut.

“Oh, the poor dears.” cooed Maria, her motherly heart aching at the sight. She carefully poked them with her giant index. “Kids, you can open your eyes, everything is fine.”

The booming, yet soothing voice got the two tweens to cautiously open an eye. They were greeted by Maria's face looming above them. “Aaaaah!” They turned around, only to see Carlota's massive face as well. “Aaaaah!

“Hey, no need for screaming. A gal could feel offended, you know.” smirked Carlota, prodding them with her finger. “You guys are out of danger, and frankly uber cute!”

“Ba... Ba... Ba...” mouthed Lincoln, completely overwhelmed. And though he sounded like his sisters when they saw Hugh, it was purely out of shock, rather than infuation.

“Woah ho ho, you guys are... HYOOOOGE!” exclaimed Sid, absolutely starstruck. “I get why they call you CasaGRANDE now! Eh?Eh?

“Are you kids alright? That must've been quite the fright.” worried Maria, passing a finger all over their tiny forms for any kind of harm her trained eyes could find. When she found none, she pressed them against her cheek. “What a relief.”

Grande en Casagrande (1)

'What is happening?' Lincoln freaked out internally. Sid was far more open, and hugged back wholefully.

Ronnie-Anne, now aware of her friends' situation, reached the top of her scalp, and scooped her friends in her giant palm. She laid them before her face, and smiled with great relief. “You guys...”

“Ronnie-Anne? You've got a little... dust in your eyes.” said Sid, knowing how prideful her friend was.

The latina hastily wiped away the liquid from her cheeks. “Yeah, thanks. I'm glad you're okay. But...” Her smile turned upside-down, as she glared down at her little boyfriend. “Lincoln, you mind telling them why me, my cousin and my mom just went through the roof?”

Lincoln saw the three Gigantes and a bouncy brunette peering at him with curiosity in their eyes, save for Ronnie-Anne who looked more blasé. Thus, he started at the beginning. “So, you guys know my sisters, right?”

Chapter 2: Big preparations

...And now, I'm waiting for her to call back, and tell me she's found a cure.” Lincoln wrapped up his story, and took a look at her audience, mostly still squeezed in the building. Maria had an understanding look, Carlota looked a bit weirded out, and Sid was laying down on her belly and her best friend's shoulder, batting her legs excitedly.

One mood that hadn't changed, however, was Ronnie-Anne's perpetual frown. Lincoln didn't like it, and he certainly didn't like the way her fingers twitched, as if ready to squeeze him like an orange. “So, because ifyoursister, our home is destroyed, we nearly crushed you two, and we're stuck as Queen Kongs. Am I missing anything?”

“Your favourite skating shoes were murdered!” answered Sid, before clapsing her hands against her mouth. “Sorry Lincoln.”

The mega chica's eye twitched, and her glare became even colder. Before she could anything reckless however, she felt the soothing hand of her mother on her shoulder. “Mija, it's okay. None of this is Lincoln's fault, you know that.”

“I-I know! But look at us! Look at our home!” Ronnie-Anne sadly gesticulated.

“What I have most important is either right there with me, or on his way to deliver a whole ham at the back of a truck.” Maria earnestly reassured, before chuckling. “As for my memory chest with the wedding and baby pictures, it'll take more thanthisto put a dent in it.”

“Besides Nie-Nie, Abuelo and Abuela have a rock-solid insurance plan since, forever!” added Carlota, now posing for the small crowd still taking pictures.

Ronnie-Anne raised an eyebrow. “And it covers 'Giant Lady Damage'?”

“There's nothing Abuelo doesn't prepare against, if it means keeping his piggy bank out of danger.” said the fashionista. This got a hearty chuckle out of the three giantesses.

“Huh. I guess everything's gonna be alright after all.” rejoiced Ronnie-Anne. She looked at the tiny boy on her palm. “Even so, could youtrygetting in contact with your sis?”

“Iamtrying, but she's not answering. She must be in the zone.” reported Lincoln, scratching his head.

“In the meantime, the best thing to do, I suppose, is to get out of there. My cramps are starting to act up.”bemoaned Mrs. Santiago.

“How are me and Lincoln supposed to get down?” wondered Sid out loud, now next to Lincoln. “Hmm, maybe if I take some fabric off your giant clothes, I can pull up a flying squirrel stunt, and carry him down with nothing but the strength of my legs!” she clapped excitedly.

“That soundsreallydangerous, Sid. If it was me hanging on your ankles, no problem, but Lincoln has a chronic case of the noodle arms.” snorted Ronnie-Anne.

“Hey! That's... kinda true, yeah.” sheepishly admitted Lincoln, preferring taking the jab rather than kissing the pavement at unrecommended speed.

“Aww...” pouted the disappointed brunette. “Man, I'm no help like this. I wish I was as big as you guys, that way I could help you down!”

You hear that, dear reader? That's fate being tempted and masterfully striking down again!As soon as she said that, the crackling noise returned, and two green lasers from two different directions zapped Sid from both sides. The energy coursing through her veins made Sid go “Glglglglgl!”, before leaving her with a tingling sensation and a green glow encasing her body.

“There are more?!” exclaimed Ronnie-Anne in horror.

“I wish I had that Lewis Mitton purse at my size right now!” Carlota called to the heavens, but got no response. “Eh, it was worth a shot.”

“Woo, this feels weird. But kind of cozy too!” chirped the brunette, with an edge of worry in her voice while she reveled in the sensation. “Mmmmh, is it bad to say I kinda like it? Heh heh, now it tickles! It's sooooaaAH!” Her body fluidly doubled in size on the spot. Her toes pierced the edge of her boots, her shirt rose ever so slightly, while her sleeves rescinded, and little tears appeared on the shoulders. She looked down at the boy, who had to cope with the fact that he was seeing the rise of yet another giantess. “This, I like a little less.

“You're getting a little heavy too.” warned Ronnie-Anne, now really feeling the weight of her best city friend.

“Hand her over to me, I can put her on another building for the moment!” guided the giant mother, even if it was a rushed idea.


But as she approached her hand, Sid suddenly doubled in size again. The weight shift made the ex-bully's hand nearly topple over, and Sid, startled and slightly dizzy, lost her balance and footing. “Whoa whoa whoa, whooooaaah!” she yelped as she tumbled down to the streets below. Fortunately, she managed to catch herself in-extremis on two windowsills on the third floor, and was now dangling over the void. Seeing the amazon tween threatening to fall on them, the crowd disbanded and ran away. “Okay, I don't like this anymore!” cried the brunette in peril.

“Sid! Catch my hand, girl!” said Carlota, angling her plus-sized hips around to bend over and extend a hand to the smaller giant. Sid tried reaching her with her hand, swinging herself like a monkey, but ironically, her reach was too short!

Too far... If only my arm was longer!” The tingling sensation returned, and Sid blanched. “Wait, no no no, I didn't mean it like that!” But too bad too sad. Sid grew even faster than before. And while her reach was getting greater, so was her weight and her hand hanging on the splintering windowsill, until it could take no more, and sent Sid plunging to her doom. “Eeeeeek! Ronnie-Anne, I'msorry! I'm the one who sat on your 3DDD and broke it! I was gonna buy you a new one for your birthday, I swear!”


“Good-bye, bestie! Tell Adelaide I'm with Froggy now!”

“SID! Open your eyes doofus, you're fine.” chuckled Ronnie-Anne.

“What are you talking about?! Can't you see I'm...” That was when Sid noticed the lack of a falling sensation. She opened her peepers, and saw that she had grown to half the size of the building, right on time to land on her feet perfectly safe.

Her shirt was now torn above her navel, hanging on only one shoulder with no sleeves. Her shorts were in poor shape but still mostly intact, and her shoes had been torn into ribbons. Curiously enough, just like the rubber bands holding Ronnie-Anne and Carlota's ponytails, and Maria's hair bun, her headband was perfectly fine.

“Oh, I guess I'm okay. I knew that four-leaved clover I saw in the park wouldn't let me down-wooaaaaaah! breathed Sid, as her body slowly ballooned up in height. No more wardrobe malfunction, fortunately. Sid watched herself rise higher and higher, until she came to Ronnie-Anne's height, who was still looking down at her from her position. “I'm... I'm a giant too! It's worrying, but mostly, it's awesome!” she squealed, her little hops of joy making the streets rumble.

“At least someone's happy about it.” sighed Maria.

“This growth business is out of control.We need out of this thing, quick.” Ronnie-Anne concluded resolutely. She looked at the little guy who had his arms still wrapped around her index finger. “Lincoln, I'm handing you over to Sid, so brace yourself.”

“O-Okay.” nodded Lincoln, still a bit shellshocked. He was carefully slipped from the tanned platform to its paler counterpart. Sitting up, he found himself nose-to-nose with the now massive brunette, to the point where he could easily see his whole reflection in her sparkling eyes.

“Omigosh omigosh omigosh! You are the most precious little doll I've ever seen.” all but swooned Sid, her cutie meter going off the charts as she petted his white hair. Lincoln felt slightly emasculated by the goo-goo noises he thought was reserved for the age group of his sister Lily. It got even weirder when Sid squashed him against a cheek to nuzzle his little form. “If I was Ronnie-Anne, I'd keep you forever in my pocket!”

“That sounds nice.” wheezed Lincoln, being smothered by all this love. “May I...” Sid realised her mistake, and opened her fist to let Lincoln breathe in that sweet, sweet air.

“Okay, let me get down before my best friend squeezes my boyfriend so hard, his head pops off.” Ronnie-Anne grimly decided. “Okay, let's see...” She put her hands on the edges of the roof, and started twisting her body to squeeze it out of its prison. A task easier said than done, as the far plumper legs and hips of her giant family held her tight in there. “Hrnngh! What is it with this weird body distribution? Why does it all go to the hips as you get older?!”

“I'll tell you, ngh, when you're older.” said Maria, trying to give her daughter as much space as she could, without tearing her home down. “And please sweetie, don't talk about your mother's hips being too big.” she added with a deadpan glare.

Ronnie-Anne gulped. “Roger that. Hey, I think I'm almost there!” And true to her word, Ronnie-Anne managed to pop her body out of the building. She pushed with her arms, pulled a flip, and landed on her two feet with a loud crash.

“Nice landing! I give you a 10!” Sid Kong gave her friend a thumbs-up.

“Heh, thanks. But do you mind giving me my little guy too, please?” asked Ronzilla. She opened her palm, and saw little Lincoln, still panting, climbing onto it, and collapsing. “You're still in one piece?”

“Thanks to you, yes.” wheezed Lincoln. “Don't know how... much more I can take though...”

“You LIVE with ten sisters, I think you've got this.” reassured Ronnie-Anne, quite amused despite herself. She laid him down to rest on her shoulder, and looked up. “Okay Carlota, just move around, and we'll catch you!”

“Is that gonna be okay?” wondered Sid out loud, for Carlota's figure didn't make her a lightweight. And the frown she immediately put on shared how much she didn't like the subject.

Ronnie-Anne urgently elbowed her friends. “I'm sure yourbutterfingerswon't act up this time, Sid!” she stressed out with a nervous smile.

Sid got the jist, and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. “Y-Yeah, that's what I meant! Darn butterfingers, heh heh...”

“Uh-huh.” said Carlota, still looking a bit miffed. Moving around carefuly, she propped herself on the edge of the open building, which groaned under her weight, and let herself fall backwards, right on Ronnie-Anne and Sid, who caught her.

The giant latina tween winced. “OOF! Cuz, you're so...” Carlota's sharp glare intensified. “...soooo unlucky that me and Sid skipped leg day.”

“That's what I thought.” harumphed Carlota. She landed on her feet, brushed her ragged clothing, and looked at the last CasaGRANDE still in the building. “Okay Aunt Maria, your turn!”

“Okay, just be sure to catch me!” Maria called back. Just like Carlota, she jumped back, and got caught by the girls. When she landed, she cringed at the pavement cracking under her feet. “We have to be careful. I don't want to see reports with 'trampled under giant lady's foot' symptoms when I come back to work.”

“What do we do now?” Ronnie-Anne scratched her head. “Lincoln?”

“Still nothing.” said Lincoln, shaking his phone in hopes it would make Lisa answer. No dice. With a sigh, he scratched his chin and started to plan. “Hmm... if we can't get a cure to us...”

“We can get to the cure!” finished Sid with gusto. “Does that mean we get to take a roadtrip?! This day keeps getting better!”

“As long as it doesn't get anybigger, I guess that's our best option.” chuckled Maria. The giant mother ruffled her daughter's hair. “I did always want to take a little family trip. Oh, too bad Bobby is away at the moment.”

“Maybe we should give him a call, before he gets back and goes loco.” advised Carlota, posing against a building for a couple vloggers.“He almost had a panic attack when a quarter disappeared from the register. He'd just dropped it in with the dimes.”

“On it!” nodded Lincoln, already typing the number. A couple of tone rings later, the boy picked up, on video call. “Hey Bobby!”

Hey li'l dude! How's the weekend going a la casa?” waved the Santiago teen good-naturedly.

“Um...” he gave a glance at the towering ladies, smiling back at him. “It sure isn't what I expected.”

Bobby took on a worried look. “Well, it can't be any weirder than what's happening over there with Aunt Frida. Seriously, you'll never guess what kind of off-the-wall, CRAZY thing just happened to her!

“She grew into a giant?” deadpanned Lincoln.

Wow, is that a telepathic bro thing I don't know about? I hope you don't see too many pictures of Lori. I've been thinking about the beach a lot...” he blushed.

Maria swiftly scooped Lincoln in her palm, and hoisted him high in the air. Lincoln laid at the edge of her palm, and captured the four giantesses in its field of vision. They all waved at the phone. “Hi mi hijo.” said Maria.

“Hi Bobby!” echoed the three other giantesses.

Whoa, you guys too?!” Bobby slapped his forehead in shock.

“Is mom alright? She didn't get herself in trouble, right?” questionned Carlota, concerned for her easily distracted mother.

Oh no, she kinda worked it out.” Bobby pulled himself away from the screen to show the afermentioned. Frida stood just as massive as her sister-in-law, with her pink dress in rags around her chest and her hips, like her daughter. Her beads and necklace were gone, as were her shoes. She was currently sprucing up the neighbourhood, by painting on the walls of old buildings, using an old telephone pole and iron wires as a paintbrush, and an old building wall as a palette. Her three sons were climbing and playing on her body, while her husband was resting atop of her head, looking deeply enamoured with his giant wife.

“I guess you can count on Aunt Frida to make the most out of something so weird, so fast.” chuckled Ronnie-Anne.

“Oooh, a basketball rocket! I totally get it!” nodded Sid.

“Phew, that should get her going for the next three hours.” Carlota sighed in relief. “Maybe Ishouldvlog this for my channel. I mean, if most of my room hadn't gotten steamrolled by my buns.”

“Please, no more buns talk.” groaned Maria, self-conciously rubbing her hips, which still had rubble layered over them. She managed a smile for her son up there. “Alright mi hijo, we're going to Royal Woods to hopefully get a fix for all this. You keep an eye on your aunt, and stay safe, okay?”

Mom, I don't think I can lose her at all.” he chuckled good-naturedly. Thumping sounds reverbated, followed by Frida's giant legs strutting along the frame. Bobby scrambled after her. “But let's not tempt it! Talk to you guys later! Love you!” He hung up.

“Is he going to be okay on his own?” worried Sid. Her best friend was quick to nudge her shoulder.

“Ah, don't worry about him. My bro might trip on his own shoelaces sometimes, but he always pulls through.” she assured earnestly. Ronnie-Anne then got her little guy back from her mom, and settle him on her shoulder. “Hey Lincoln the small, why don't you look up some spots we could go settle down on?”

“Ooh, we gotta go to that park with the huge metal horse, I am so getting the most wowing picture there!” fawned Carlota.

“I thought you didn't like to 'trend like that'.” air-quoted her cousin.

Carlota shrugged. “Eh. When you get a chance for free exposure like this, you gotta take it. I see a few thousand more subs to my channel very soon!” she celebrated, shaking with glee.

“On the way, we could stop at a lake.” Lincoln threw in. “Lisa showed me something about mass and body temperature from a white-haired colleague of her. I think she has a teenage robot daughter? Uh, point is, you need a way to stay cool, just in case.”

Ronnie-Anne gained a faux miffed look. “Oh? Are you saying I'm not cool, Shrimpcoln?” she asked 'threateningly'. Lincoln withered greatly under his mega girlfriend's glare. But the weight was quickly lifted off by her cracking up. “Dude, teasing you is so easy! I'm notthatimposing, am I?”

Lincoln blushed, and scratched the back of his head. “It's a lot to take in, heh heh...”

Maria, seeing everyone so enthusiastic, clapped her hands to get everyone's attention, which rattled some windows around her. “Okay everyone. We've got an idea of the route we want to take. But, before we go, I think there is one place weneedto stop by.”

Sid caught the meaningful look thrown at her by the giant mother, and a switch clicked in her head. “Oh yeah, that's right!”

At the clinic near the Great Lakes zoo...

In her infirmary, Mrs. Chang was looking straight at the hundred of teeth opening towards her direction. With little hesitation, she plunged her hand among them, and pulled something out. It was a billiard ball, with the number 7 on it.

“Well mister, just like this ball, you were lucky they got stuck to your teeth, rather than falling into your stomach. I think neither of us wanted to do a stomach pump this time.” said the good zoologist, as the crocodile looked away in shame. She handed the ball to her daughter Adelaide who, with rubber gloves on, wrapped it in a little plastic bag, and added a cute bow to it. The doctor smiled and ruffled her frizzy curls. “Nicely done, my little assistant.”

Adelaide giggled. “It's so fun helping you, mommy! I think Bruce likes me!” she said, referring to the bat perched on her shoulder, who was watching the scenery around him with upmost seriousness.

“He is a pretty calm fellow.” The doctor turned back to her patient, and adopted a lecturing tone. “Now, next time the janitor doesn't close the door right, don't try and escape. Ending in a bar and gobbling up a game of pool could've been the least of your worries. I mean, you just don't know what or who you're gonna meet out there!”

Suddenly, the room shook briefly, with an echoing 'thump' echoing outside. Adelaide looked at the glass of fruit juice she'd poured herself earlier today, and saw ripples across the liquid. As the thumps got louder, so did the ripples and shaking grow in intensity. Adelaide whimpered, and hugged her mom's leg. “M-Mommy?” she asked fearfully.

“Stay calm sweetie, I'm sure it's not-” Whatever she was going to say was drowned out when cracks spread across the corners of the ceiling of the room, before it was lifted by a giant human hand. Adelaide shrieked and hugged her mommy tighter, while Bruce put himself into battle position, with his batarangs carefully hidden in his wings. Mrs. Chang stood her ground, miraculously, and fought off the glare of the sun to take a good look at the impossible creature taking over her medical centre.

Once she did however, she knew the titan wasn't going to hurt them. In fact, she knew that titan very well, with her brown hair and perky smile.

“Sid?! Is... is that you, sweetie?!” Mrs. Chang yelled.

“Hey mom!” Sid waved with one hand, while the other still held the roof she had torn open.

Hearing this, Adelaide looked up from her hiding place, and gasped in utter amazement. “Whoaaaa... Sis, you're so HYOOGE! You're a giant! Did you find a magic beanstalk?!”

“Heh heh, nope, no fairy tale, sis. Just weird science.” Sid chuckled, reaching over to tussle her very little sister's head with one giant finger, making her giggle. The mere action made the crocodile scream like a little girl, and hide under the desk.

Snapping back to this impossible reality, Mrs. Chang had several questions. “S-Sweetie, what ever happened to you?! Is this something that just happens in this city?! A-Are you hurt? Do you need to go to a hospital, or a science complex, or...”

“Mom, it's okay. I'm okay.” Sid tried to reassure her mom, cupping her and Adelaide in her giant hand. She brought them near her stomach. “See? I'm fit as as a fido!”

“It's... fiddle, honey.” said Mrs. Chang, slowly recovering.

“Really? I thought it meant I'm like a dog in good health, bouncy and all!” the massive brunette perkily rebuked. She caught her little sister being utterly wowed by how high she currently was. “Enjoying the view, sis?”

“Yeah! This is so cool! Can I be a giant next?”

“NO!” knee-jerked Mrs. Chang, already overwhelmed as is. Under her daughters' bewildered stares, she tried explaining herself. “I mean... No, sweetie. I'd like to have at least one of my daughters fitting under a roof tonight.”

Sid cringed at that. “Oh yeah, the appartment is kinda busted at the moment. Our stuff is fine, it fell through the floors the others made when they swelled up, but we kinda have a big hole instead of a floor now.”

“Oh, that's just perfect...” grumbled the good doctor, rubbing her temples. Her eyes widened. “Wait, other? What 'others'?”

“That'd be us, Becca.” boomed a more mature voice. Turning to look at the source, she found her neighbour and friend Maria, towering well above her current spot. And at her side, stood the stylist of the building, and her daughter's best friend, colossal all the same. Mrs. Chang yelped in fright and almost fell overboard, but Maria caught her before she could even get near the ground. “Whoops, that was close. I know this must look quite crazy, and there's no easy explanation for this, but here's what happened...”

“D'aww, look at you little ladybug.” cooed Carlota, kneeling down to be face-level with Sid's palm, and with her tiny sister. Adelaide squeaked in fright at first, but soon gazed in awe at the mega latina mere metres away from her, and buzzed with excitement once Carlota gave her a little kiss on the head. “I could just roll you up, and carry you everywhere in my pocket! Well, if I still had some. Hmm...” She scratched her cleavage, deep in thought. “Nope, no way, that'd be weird, way too weird.”

“You guys are soooo lucky. I wanna be a giant too!” Adelaide puffed her cheeks for a great big pouting.

“You know, it's not that great being huge.” noted Ronnie-Anne. “I mean sure, I'm strong as a hundred me's right now, and virtually nothing can hurt me. And I get to have my own little boyfriend action figure.” she teasingly nudged the boy on her shoulder with her cheek. “But being huge also means you have to be careful. The streets are narrow, and the people are everywhere, so you've got to mind your every step, unless you want someone to be hurt really really bad.”

“Besides, it also means that, those huge cookies from the candy store we love? They'd be no bigger than yourthumb!” added Sid, laying down the real facts. Ronnie-Anne gave her a deadpan look, but it turned out to be working like a charm.

“No more big cookies?!” exclaimed the horrified little brunette. “That's terrible! Now I sure don't wanna be a giant. And I hope you get back to normal very very soon! For the cookies!” With that, she hugged her sister's thumb as if to comfort her during those harsh times. The giant girls and the white-haired passenger couldn't help but laugh wholeheartedly.

“A growth ray gun built by a four year-old. That's... what we're going with.” echoed Mrs. Chang with a great deal of incredulity.

Maria sighed. “Oh trust me, if I wasn't living it, I wouldn't believe it either. But I guess, that's the world we live in at the moment. And there are worse things a strange ray gun could have done.” she jested rather grimly. She puffed up her hair bun, and gained a hopeful smile. “At the very least, it gives me an excuse to go enjoy my time-off somewhere else than the living room and the kitchen.”

“You should send a picture of the new you to your husband.” offered the doc with a mischevious smile.

The colossal nurse started blubbering bashfully. “Oh no! It's just too weird, I just couldn't do something like that, haha!” She scratched her glowing cheek ever so lightly. “...You think I should?”

“Maria, have you looked at yourself? You are atowerof a woman, and lookingsmokingdoing it!” teased the animal lover, making Maria blush even redder. “Just imagine the look on his face when he sees his wife in her torn uniform laying against a seven-story building, matching its height to the top brick! He'll go “Ba... ba... ba...” for the rest of the day, at least!” She saw her giant friend still being hesitant, so she gave it a final push. “Come on, don't you want your relationship tosoar to new heights?”

Ba dum tss!

The giant nurse was chortling in spite of herself. “Oh my word, that was so terrible!” She gave herself a minute to calm down, yet she still had a coy smile on her face. “Okay, I'll send a photo or two, just to get him riled up a little.”

“Atta girl!” laughed her little friend. The kids looked at the snickering adults with a confused expression.

“Wonder what they're so jolly about.” said Sid, her sister now poking from the top of her hair.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself about, chiquita.” Carlota smiled knowingly. This was going to be a fun photoshoot, and she couldn't wait. “Aunt Maria! We should get going, or that huge trip is going to be real short!”

“Coming!” Maria shouted back. She put her friend safely back on the mainland. “You and Adelaide should stay inside, and close the windows. If you hear a weird crackling sound,duck.

“We'll stay safe.” assured Mrs. Chang, as Sid approached to put Adelaide back on the ground too. “Alright sweetie, I'll see you on sunday night, hopefully at a size where I can hug you.”

“And if you get a giant cookie, bring back a piece for me!” chirped Adelaide, making her BIG sister chuckle.

“You got it, sis, mom. Time to take the road! Woot woot!” And with that, the perky brunette bulldozed down the asphalt. Her stretched arms had already torn down two lamp posts. The cringe was real for the observants.

“We should follow her. Fast.” advised Lincoln.

“You don't have to tell me twice!” approved Ronnie-Anne. And with that, the three tan gigantas were off to the lake. If they could avoid having Sid get pulled over by the cops for her trail of accidental destruction, that is.

And so began the oddest of roadtrips...

Chapter 3: The GRANDEst of roadtrips

At a lake, not too far...

The environs of the lake were fairly occupied here and there by simple folk and families looking to have some down time, and perhaps a dip in the lake, later on. Many open spots were there, and that'd be quite fortunate for a certain group.

Near the glistening water however, were two young girls of blond and red hair, barely older than sweet little Adelaide. The two were playing a game of dolls, using the beautiful landscape as a backdrop for a pretend picnic. But while the two were having fun, a menace lurked in the water. Two pair of eyes reflected the sun with malice, as they got closer to their unsuspecting targets. Then, at once, they striked!

“HERE COMES THE TSUNAMI!” yelled in unison the girls' big brothers. The two twelve year-olds harshly slapped their bodies against the water, to create a wave that mercilessly doused their prey. The poor girls sputtered and squealed in shock and terror, to then start tearing up at the sight of their doused dollies and their little picnic set all over the grass.

“Sorry girls, looks like your puny tea party couldn't handle the might of the shark bros!” one of the 'bros' laughed rowdily, apparently proud of his deed.

“Yeah, the shark bros rule the lake, don't you know?! Go back to the picnic blankets with your baby toys!” snorted the other, highfiving his fellow 'bro'.

The little blond girl was hiccuping between sobs as she tried drying up her chiffon doll before the humidity could ruin her. The little redhead however, far luckier with a plastic doll, went just as red in the face, and started pestering. “You boys are a big pair of mean butts! You always pull stuff like that when mom's not here! You wouldn't like it if that happened to you!”

The bros, having swam away a good distance from the shore, mocked even louder. “HA! As if you babies could ever splash us! Even if you knew how to swim, you wouldn't even get our chins wet!” And they kept on laughing.

The little redhead was fuming, but powerless. The best she could do was to comfort her sobbing friend, as they retreated back to the picnic area with their toys hastily packed up in a bag. With a little luck, their moms would give those two jerks a good earful.

But luck was sending them something better.

The girls felt the ground shake quickly, briefly, and many times successively. They looked ahead, and their pupils shrank in shock. The redhead hastily pulled her friend a good distance away to the side.

The tweens however took zero notice of the trembling, and when they finally stopped laughing, the shaking had vanished. “Dude, your sister was mad at you!” said the blond boy. “Hope she doesn't rat you out to your folks.”

“Nah, she's got nothing on me. I'll deny everything, it works like 50 percent of the time.” assured the redhaired boy.

“Heh, nice.” A peculiar detail soon caught the blond's eye, however. Mainly, how dark the area was, so suddenly. “Hey, where did those clouds come from?”

The redhaired one rolled his eyes. “Dude, what are you, dumb? It's been clear blue sky all day, there's no way-”

Whatever he had left to say died of a heart attack when he took a good look at the sky, along with his 'bro'. He was right, the sky was as clear as it possibly be. The blocking force actually came from two monolithic girls, a tad younger than them, currently suspended in the air. The surreal sight seemed to be going in slow motion, with the dark-haired Latinazilla holding her knees in the famous diving position, with what seemed to be a white-haired boy in swimming trunks desperately holding onto her ponytail, and the Ultra Brunette raising her arms in the sky with a beaming expression.


And that was gravity's cue to do its work.

“Holy-” was all the boys could say, before the giant girls plowed in the water, making the surface explode in a full-on geyser. The impact was so strong, it sent the two bullies flying straight to the shore, screaming all the way. They landed in a heap and into a big mud puddle. They were fine physically, but they had many questions about what just happened.

Their little sisters, on the other hand, couldn't help but laugh attheirmisery for once. “Lookie, beached sharks!” chortled the redheaded girl.

“M-Maybe we should push them back into the water.” snickered the blonde, drying her tears.

“NOOOOOO!!!” yelled the terrified 'bros'.

Soon, Sid and Ronnie-Anne surfaced from the depths like the two leviathans they were, making sizeable waves with that alone. “Hey, did you hear something?” said Sid, slapping a hand against her ear to get water out from the other. “It sounded like two screaming raccoons, that were also flying.”

“Eh, must be imagining things.” Ronnie-Anne brushed it off. She shook her head, making her ponytail whip out a couple gallons of water. “Besides, the only one who could be screaming is right here on my head. Aren't you, Lincoln?” When she got no answer, she patted her head. “Uh, Lincs?”

“Mh mmh...” echoed a rather pathetic moan. Floating at the surface like an old piece of wood in the shadow of the giantesses, was Lincoln, looking worse for wear. When Ronnie-Anne scooped him out of the water, he was puffing his cheeks and sending an accusing pout in either direction.

Ah heh heh... sorry li'l Lincs.”Sid nervously chuckled, withering under the tiny glaring boy.“Guess taking you along for the dive and not telling you was a bit daredevil, huh?'”Lincoln aggravated his expression with a Nooo, you think so?!' edge to it, and the brunette twiddled her indexes in shame.

Ronnie-Anne, not looking too shameful, snickered. “Oh c'mon, compared to what happened at the casa, that was nothing.” Lincoln kept pouting still, and Ronnie-Anne met it with one of her own. “Look, if you've got something to say, spit it out already.”

With a wicked grin, Lincoln obliged. He spat out all the water in his puffy cheeks straight into his girlfriend's eye, who recoiled in surprise.

“YEOWCH! Why you little sneaky-”

Lincoln took his chance, and decided to apply some of the parkour lessons his sister Lynn had bestowed upon him. First, he made a leap for Ronnie-Anne's face, and used her nose as a springboard, furtherly disgruntling the colossal girl. With enough air to reach the top of her head, he dropped and rolled on her wet hair, before going down her back like a water slide.

“WOO-HOO!” he yelled enthusiastically, dropping into the water. “Man, Lynn was right after all, this is kinda fun!” But the fun soon died when an angry shadow engulfed him. Gulping, he slowly turned around.

Ronnie-Anne loomed over the tiny boy with an irksome glare on her face, which was not helped by the slightly red hue in her wounded left eye. Behind her, Sid looked on with curiosity. Lincoln did so with fear, as he was truly at the mercy of the young leviathan.

“This may not have been worth it.” Lincoln admitted to himself.

“So, you like water games,Shrimpcoln? rumbled Ronnie-Anne, cracking her knuckles. “Alright then, I've got a fun one. It's calledSwim Fast, Shrimpcoln.Sid! Let's get him!”

“Aye aye, captain!” saluted Sid with a playful smile, thinking this was all fun and games. She immediately leaped forward, aiming to do a Mega belly flop. “Hope you're ready for theSid Splash!”

Lincoln turned to another chapter of Lynn's lessons in sport:When you need to swim for your life!

On one side of the shores, a certain presentator duo was watching the shenanigans unfold, mainly one boy paddling like a madman, away from the two giant girls in pursuit. “You sure don't see that everyday, eh Pep?” commented the perky half of the duo.

“No you don't, Chet. In fact, I'm pretty sure you usuallyneversee that. Ever. Because it'd be too weird to even talk about.” rebuked Pep, far more pragmatic and down-to-earth than his colleague. “I'm starting to suspect someone's spiked my salami sandwich.”

“Haha, always a joke under that frown of yours!” laughed Chet, giving his disgruntled buddy a slap on the back. “Well, kids be kids. I just wonder if they've got a guardian around.”

Deepening his deadpan frown, Pep quickly glanced to his left. Near the picnic areas, parents were chatting with the giant mother, while the giant teen was revering the attention of the social media enthusiasts and their flashing cameras/phones. The commentator took another bite of his sandwich, just as the giant tanned girl was seizing the helpless boy by his swimming gear.

“Yes Chet, the mind boggles.” he sighed sarcastically.

An hour later...

“Oh, I'm having second thoughts about this.” said Maria, her cheeks burning red with embarrassment. She was near a wilder part of the shore, feet almost in the water. She was near a rather tall pine, but which was only half as tall as her while sitting down.

“Come on, you look great!” Carlota encouraged her. The gargantuan vlogger was holding a phone in camera mode which, despite the size difference, she was controlling perfectly well.

“Am I not too old for this?” Maria kept doubting herself.

“Auntie,Abuelitawould be a bit too old for this, and that's if the pics are not for Abuelito. You? You're like refined cheese!” Seeing her aunt cringed in disgust, Carlota slapped her forehead. “No wait, refinedwine! I always get this wrong. Point is, you've still got that something in ya, and I don't think Uncle Arturo is gonna argue that!” She held the camera up once more. “Now, just like we said!”

Maria took a deep breath, and just like that, she was on set. One of her hands, still delicate despite the rough night shifts and the fact it could now rip roofs open like a can of tuna, brushed aside a couple of hair strands hiding her lovely expression, as she had undone her bun. Eyes you could get lost in, and a tender smile that seemed tosuggesta little more than it first appeared.

Her other hand made the trip down her body, a single finger tracing its odyssey along the powerful curves, to end on her trunk-thick thighs, capable of squeezing a car between them until it'd become flat as paper. On one end, her feet were merely testing the water, not making any waves. And on the other, her whole back was propped against the pine tree, and the mighty plant was creaking under her weight, yet held on,showing that while she was no destroyer, nature still bent down to her newfound greatness.

Yeah, dramatic much?

“Regal. Unbelievable. Awesome!” described Carlota as she worked the perfect angle as fast as she could, less the moment passed. And she did it! “YES! Oooh, uncle is gonna be floored by this! Now to add some tags.#MariaGrande#Nothingtodowiththesinger…”

Maria quickly reared herself up, relieving the pine from its consequent burden, and getting herself out of this rather embarrassing pose. “Okay okay, we did it. I'd just like to see what kind of picture I'm possibly sending to my husband-”

“Aaaand sent!”


Somewhere in Borneo, at a hospital...

“Señor Sanitago, thank you so much for doing this.” said a nurse, guiding the father of Bobby and Ronnie-Anne into the little room. “Your blood type is quite rare to find, as it is compatible with so many other types! With the dangers our zoologists face every day, it'd be a great relief to have a pouch or two in case of emergencies.”

“Ah, it's no problem, Wanda.” grinned Arturo as he sat on the hospital bed. “If it helps the team, I'll give as much as I can!”

“Swell! Sit tight, I'm going to fetch the machine.”

The moment Wanda was gone, Arturo's phone pinged. “Mmh? A text? Oooh, from Carlota! I guess it's pretty telling with all those tags, heh heh. Wait...#MariaGrande?#TheAmazingColossalNurse?#NoMontage? I don't think I get that kid. Huh, there's a video from the Michighan channel, and a picture attached. Let's see...”

Some moments later, Wanda came back with the machine. “Alright, Mr.Santiago. Just let me hook up the machine-SANTA MARIA!TANIA! DORIS! GET THE MOP AND BUCKET! MR. SANTIAGO IS MAKING AVERYGENEROUS DONATION!”

Back to the lake...

“I can't believe that's me on this photo.” Maria half-moaned, half-giggled. She seemed to be torn between admiring the shot, and deleting it. “We cannevershow Bobby or Ronnie-Anne.” she decided firmly.

“You got it, but we've still got more shots to go if we wanna make a full-on calendar of 'The Amazing Colossal Nurse'!” exclaimed Carlota. It was apparently a thing now, and Maria seemed mortified at the idea, but also kinda excited?

“Let's just... grab the kids and leave.” grieved the massive mother, before starting to call them. “Kids, where are you?”

“Over here, mrs. Santiago!” called back the brunette. The two older giantesses followed her voice, and found a most peculiar scene: Sid and Ronnie-Anne kneeling besides Lincoln, only the little guy was laying on his back with a ridiculously bloated belly.

“Um, what the heck happened here?” probbed Carlota.

“I did oneSid Splashtoo many.” she admitted, shamefully. Sid looked at her mitts with a tearful pout. “Aren't those big, strong hands? Why can't those hands protect my little friends?”

“Dios mio, is he okay?” Maria feared the worst, her motherly instincts kicking into overdrive.

While Ronnie-Anne gently but firmly pressed her thumbs on Lincoln's torso and made a geyser of water come out of his mouth, the little guy rose a thumbs-up. The giant latina smirked at that. “See? He's alright. Didn't doubt that for a second.”

“But you were the one who got him out of the water ASAP, craddling him against your chest like a sick little hamster.” Sid giggled at her friend's expense.

Beet red, Ronnie-Anne knew she couldn't downplay it. “W-Well, I can be worried sometimes too, can't I? He is my boyfriend...” she pouted.

“Thwat's swo nwice to heawr...” blubbered Lincoln, his stomach still full of water, but smiling notheless. His titanic girlfriend pouted harder, and pressed her thumbs harder to finish the job.

“So, what were you two doing behind that tree grove?” Sid asked innocently.

“Nothing you'll ever have to find out.” was Maria's cryptic answer. “Anywho, once Lincoln is back on his feet, I think it's time for us to head to the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.”

Sid gasped in joy. “Ooooh, I know which statue I wanna pose with first!”

At the afermentioned park...

Retired husband Jack held a shaky hold on his fancy old camera, trying to keep a focus on his lovely wife Lina. The old couple had come to the park to take pictures of the statues, but also in hope to take a photo that would be radically different than the ones from the thirty last years they had visited the park.

And boy, they found that shot, as Lucy wasn't the hardest thing to keep in the frame, or the young boy standing next to her, but rather the two young giants elevating them just above the giant bronze hourse. A rather easy feat, as the horse's head only came above their knees.

“Cheese!” said Lina and Lincoln, making little peace signs.

“Cheese!” echoed Ronnie-Anne and Sid, taking the pose.


“Oh ho ho, what a lovely picture.” chuckled the old man. He turned around, and tried to not get a stiff neck to look at the two giantesses standing behind him. “Thank you very much, ladies. You've given this wrinkly old couple a real treat.”

“Oh it's only natural. After you took such a beautiful photo for us.” smiled Maria, looking over Carlota's shoulder at the shot of their group, Lincoln included, kneeling on the grass with Lincoln by the Sid and Ronnie's legs for scaling.

“What kind young ladies you are.” softly chuckled Lina, not the least intimidated by the ponytail-wearing titan looking down at her.

“No prob, ma'am.” she saluted, putting her down on the ground, and picking up Lincoln from her bestie's palm. “Hey, wanna go see that mask statue, see if it fits us?”

“I was thinking the same thing!” gasped the giant brunette.

“Oh boy.” simply said Lincoln, clutching the piece of tank top around the shoulder he was sitting on, before the girls took a headstart down another path of the park.

“Oops, I better keep an eye on them.” worried Maria. “Are you coming?”

“I think I'm gonna go around, see if I can find some shade. Lincoln was right, I do take the heat pretty fast.” said Carlota, fanning herself with her hand.

“Alright, let's do it like that.” nodded the massive mother, then looked down and waved the old folk good-bye. “Thank you again!”

With that, the two giantesses headed separate ways, leaving the old couple to their lonesome.

“What lovely people they were those giants, oh yes. Reminds me of my animating days, somehow.”

“So true, so true, Jacky. I just hope they don't catch a cold with the little they're wearing.”

“Ah Lina, I'm afraid we're too old to understand how fashion works anymore.”

“Oh, you'd look rather dapper as a giant yourself. Wishing me up a beanstalk, why don't ya~?

And the old couple walked away, laughing all the way.

Meanwhile, on another side of the park, a red bronze structure looking like a closed paper fan stood proud on one side of the little river traversing the park. But right now, a trio of young vloggers was craving some of that pride, by standing atop of it, giving them a real nice view of the park. And that meant some sweet, sweet views!

“Wassup, peeps? It's your guy, CuBelieveIt!” spoke a black teen with much pizzaz. “Comin' to you live from the park with the giant steel horse!” A horse whinning sound effect was heard. “You heard it, you heard right! I'm here with my two best crew peeps: Poj-E at the camera, and The Scootinator at the sound!” The green and purple-haired teens appeared briefly, with the purple one holding a rather advanced portable synth. “We here to get some view. They said we couldn't do it: snobby tourists, security, my mom, they all said we couldn't be here today! Guess what? We high, and we fly! Take that, mom!” Scootinator pressed a key, and a wildcat roared synthetically.

“And you know what else? We got some mega stars in the place! And I mean, MEGA! They be trendin' all day, comin' from Great Lakes City, it's the Gigantas!”

The camera focused to the distance, where Sid could be seen trying on a bronze mask statue, while Ronnie-Anne and her mom were watching in mild amusement, though Maria clearly was a little more worried about what security was going to say.

The bombastic teen was back on the air. “Them haters said it was a fake, but you're seein' it live! Real-life giant chicas! There's a couple of kiddies, nothin' too big there.” Canned laughter echoed. “Though one of 'em seems to have a little munchkin close to her. Size ain't no matter with love.” Focus on Ronnie-Anne chuckling at something Lincoln said, and a tender “Aww...” from an inexistant crowd echoed. “But daaaaang, look at that big mama! Yeow, now that's the kind of eye I wouldn't mind having watch over me, know what I'm saying?” Canned wolf whistling ensued. “Stinkin' luck though, we lost smokin' Carlota, a.k.a. PerladelaCiudad87, to the woods. You know what I would say to her, tell her to make 'er melt right 'n front of me? Well I'd say-”

This riveting footage was suddenly interrupted by the lumbering of that very giantess, her very steps making her surroundings quake with might, as she wasn't looking to be dainty with that heat getting to her. Carlota's waist was in line with the top of the tower, just in front of the vlog crew, who were gaping like fish out of water. But the star of the online show was quick to recover.

“Yooooooooooo!There she is!” exclaimed the spazzing teen, though not loud enough to get the colossus' attention. “Dude, get a good shot, we're goin' past the million views EASY with this!”

“Would it kill these people to plant bigger trees? Don't they think about the delicate giant girls around here who need some shade?” moaned Carlota, fanning herself faster than ever. The edges of her vision were starting to blur, which was a worrying sign. If she was to faint out of heatstroke, there was a high chance something would get steamrolled under her, and just as high a chance for that something to be asomeone. But her prayers were answered when she spotted a mighty high weeping willow, high enough for her to lay under, and wide enough to keep her whole self cool. “Ah ha! I knew there was at least one cool spot around here. Woo-hoo!” she bounced with joy.

Litterally. And her small hop right in front of the structure made the ground shake twice as hard as before. Poj-E and Scootinator fell on their backs, relatively unharmed. CuBelieveIt, however, was losing his footing near the edge of the tower. “Gah! Don't try this at home, peeps! This stunt is done by a traineddown-on-his-luck guy!

“Hm?” hummed Carlota, as she heard the faint shout. She lookded at her right, and saw a small teen toppling over the edge of the red structure. Out of impulse, she made to soften his landing. But again, out of impulse, she would not move her hands immediately~.

Subscribe to my channelllllll!” were the lad's parting words, as he fell down to the ground below. But his fall and panic ended rather abruptly, and... very softly. For a moment there, the teen was laying on a warm and bouncy matress, at least a dozen meters into the air!

This of course was thanks to Carlota, who had the peculiar idea to prop her round buns against the tower for the little guy to land on them. A tad embarassing, sure, but she was mostly glad she'd managed to save him. She quickly plucked him from his resting spot, and had him sit on her wide open palm.

“You okay, little guy?” she asked with a kind smile with an edge of coyness to it.

“Ba... ba... ba...” was all the starstruck vlogger could mouth. He wasn't sure whether to crane his neck up to her lovely face, or dare looking ahead for the cleavage valley winking back at him. Carlota couldn't help but revel in the guy's embarassment, poking him with a giant finger.

“You know, that wasn't too smart of you to get up there in the first place. Nice vantage view, but not a whole lot of railings.” she lectured in a coy tone. She brought her face a little closer, bathing him in shade. “You're adorable, but I prefer boys with a little more smarts. Hope that's okay.” She patted his head, and carefully put him back on top of the structure, but he didn't seem to register, and kept gazing. With a 'flirtatious' wink, she bid him farewell. “Stay safe, li'l boy.”

The boys stayed on their bums the whole time, watching her walk away, her long silky hair waving in synch with her large hips. A minute later, Poj-E snapped out of it, and asked “Hey dude, you alright?”


“Dude, I think he spazzed out.” grimmly announced the cameraman to his synth-wearing friend, who silently gasped.

“...Girl likes smart guys...” whispered the vlogger, to the confusion of his peers.

“Uh, say what now, dude?”

“NO TIME!” yelled CuBelieveIt, bounding on his feet, a new passion burning in his eyes! “Gotta get home, and study for the A-tests! Imma gonna ace 'em, straight up!”

“But we've got like two months before-”

Ain't nobody got time for that!” was his retort, as he slid down the tower like an athlete, and roadrunner'd it out of here. “I've got nobel prizes to win! I'm gonna be a doctor! Greatest there ever was!”

And indeed he would be. Decades later, the most famous doctor in the world would say these few words to an interviewer, asking where the sheer passion behind his job came from. Four mysterious words indeed.

Thick thighs save lives.

(And thaaaat's the end of the fanservice. Onto the next scene, you pervs.)

The sun was starting to set on the park, reflecting its rays against the bronze sculptures. The tourists took the time to admire them one more time, take a picture or two, before skeedadling back home. Of course, they took care to have a last look at the once-in-a-lifetime sight of the massive Sid and Ronnie-Anne laying on their backs on a big patch of lawn.

“Mmmh, what a day!” purred Sid as she gave her back a little stretch.

“Yep, pretty sweet day after such a freak accident.” nodded Ronnie-Anne, brushing the white hair of her little guy, who was resting on the belly part of her tanktop.

“I guess I should just be used to the unexpected at this point.” Lincoln sadly reflected on his own lifestyle, but set it aside for the warmth of the moment. “But I gotta say, this is a kind of weird week-end I kinda like.”


The shuddering ground sprang Lincoln in the air, and made him fall on his face. Disgruntled, he looked up at Ronnie-Anne, who held a blush of embarrassment. “Guess being big really digs ya an apetite.” Her smirk was wiped off when she realised something. “Dang, the food! We didn't think about the food!”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Sid, rearing herself up. “We'll never have enough to pay for our shares! Not even for one of us! I had a really light lunch too.” she whimpered, rubbing her stomach. Panic started to settle in. “What if us being giants means wehaveto get food, or we drop down? What if we get desperate for food?What if we start eating people?!

Ronnie-Anne rolled her eyes. “Sid, come on. None of that is gonna happen. I've bitten enough times during my fights to know that people taste absolutely terrible.” she proudly stated. But another painful growl emanated from her stomach, throwing a wrench in her theory. “But I also start hallucinating when I go hungry for too long, so we need a plan.” She looked at the tiny boy now standing next to her. “Lincoln? Any idea so I don't start nibbling you like a sugary stick?”

“Hmmm...” Lincoln was looking up his Chirper feed, his thumb scrolling down in a mimic of the same digit from the eldest Loud sister. Over the few pictures he had taken from his day, one caught his eye, mainly for the comment his friend Rusty had left. A link towards 'a lunch worthy of your scale now, loooool!'. Lincoln gained a toothy grin. “I think I might have just the thing.”

He showed his phone to the gigantas, and once they squinted at it hard enough, their faces lit up with joy.

Later, about one or two towns over from the park...

“I justcannotbelieve you!” was the angry yell of a wife to her stout husband. “Icannotbelieve you went through with this ludicrous idea of making the biggest pizza in the world! Just look at this thing!” she gestured towards the wall of crust next to them. The pizza was four meters tall, and about fifty meters wide. The lake of melted cheese still had bubbles popping on the surface, between the truck-wide slices of pepperoni, made of thousands of the regular-sized ones.

The husband opened his mouth, but the wife didn't let him have a word. “Oh sure, for the Guiseness World Record and their fancy plaque, you pullallthe stops to organise it. But when it comes to gettingridof it afterwards, I guess you just expectpigeonsto come and swarm it, because you had to make this pizza in the ONE town in the WHOLE country that abhorr pizza!”

Next to them read a sign:Antipizzapolis. The motto of the town? 'Yes, we exist.'

“That is so typically you, all the way from the Tri-State area!” the wife kept on ranting. “What, you really expect to be someone out there, with an apetiteMASSIVE ENOUGHto eat the whole thing?!”

Oooh, an ironic cue! Aren't those lovely?Indeed, the booming sound of giant steps put an end to the rant, followed by engulfing shadows, and a young boy poking the woman's shoulder. When she turned to look at him, she immediately noticed the pillar-like legs shuffling behind him, and the monolithic ladies on their upper end, drool flooding down their mouths.

“Uh, do you make these to go?” said Lincoln with a sheepish smile.

The wife woman took in the surreal sight... and realised with a deadpan frown how little this all surprised her. “Sure, let me go get you some napkins.” she droned off, turning heels to do just that. “Honey, that smug smile better be gone by the time I come back!”

A couple towns over, the people nearest were treated with the mother of all pizza feastings, where small trees could be used as seasoning. The giantesses gave no attention to the little people watching them, as the pizza was simply too enthralling to care about anything else.

“You'd think two tons of parmesan cheese would make me feel a little more stuffed.” mused Carlota, taking another generous bite from her slice. “Whis is this so gooooood?”

“Mmmh, this reminds me of my medical school days.” counted Maria, making a few trees bend as she shifted her seating position. “Those all-nighters made me eat so much pizza in three years, by the end of it, I'm pretty sure mozzarella was coursing through my veins.”

“This day just bumped from great, to awesome! All with the power of pizza!” said Sid, slurping a long string of cheese, before gulping it down. “Hey Lincoln, you want another bit?”

“Lincoln... not want pizza no more...” groaned Lincoln, resting atop the brunette's plain of hair. The boy's belly was so stuffed, he had to undo his jeans button to allow his pizza flab to stick out. His mouth was also covered in cheese and tomato sauce, and his tongue stuck out. It was safe to say he was done eating.

“Okey dokey!” chirped Sid, before licking her lips, and aiming to clamp her teeth into more cheesy goodness. However, she jerked her head a little too quickly, and that spelled trouble for little Lincoln who, unable to move, rolled down her unsuspecting forehead, and straight into the pie!

“Whoaaaa!” yelled Lincoln as he crashed into the cheesy swamp, fortunately less hot than it was when they picked it up from the couple. However, the swamp was a thick one, and Lincoln's attempts to escape soon trapped him in a voluminous coat of cheese. Now truly unable to move, he could only watch in horror as Sid's cavernous maw drew closer, before her teeth – every one dwarfing him – clamped down mere meters away from his face. “AAAAAAAAAAH!

“Mwuh?” Sid broke out of her pizza nirvana (a real place, I assure you), and looked at her slice to spot the flailing boy. “Bwincwoln?!” The giant brunette tore the bit in her mouth, chewed quickly, gulped it down, and started sputtering apologies. “Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I guess the power of pizza is just too strong.” she said with extra drama.

“I-It's alright!” called Lincoln, still a bit shaken. “I'm j-just happy I didn't b-become part of my favourite f-food! Hehehe...” Lincoln laughed weakly, ending with a cringe at the irony. Almost akillingirony. Lucy would have a field day with that one.

Fortunately, rescue was on the way, but not from the guilty party. It was Ronnie-Anne who gingerly plucked the cheese-trapped boy towards her face, who was harbouring a most playful smile. “A boyfriend covered in cheese? Yeah, that's about right for day like today.” She began playfully licking her chops, and Lincoln gulped. “Guess there's no other choice now. Brace yourself, this might get a little rough.”

Lincoln was powerless to get away from his girlfriend's incoming mouth. Or rather her lips, as they didn't part, and instead started what looked like a kiss, except the suction was far more intense. Lincoln felt his face being vaccumed, and was worried the rest of him would follow inside the giant familiar maw. But far from it, as it was instead the cheese that was sucked inside, freeing Lincoln from his tangly, but oh so delicious prison, and the lips left his face alone, gleefully slurping the remaining string.

Lincoln quickly checked his body to make sure nothing was missing, and sighed in relief. “Phew. Thanks, Ronnie-Anne.” He blinked in surprise when he saw her face get close again. “Oh, do I still have cheese on my back or something?” The lips caught him again for a little while, but were this time far gentler and softer, along with a low hum. Lincoln put two and two together, and began blushing up a storm, as his girlfriend was giving him a wide grin, as were the other ladies. “Oh. T-Thanks for that too.” he stammered, as he was dropped on her shoulder.

“I think this was the perfect time to pull something so...” She licked a bit of cheese off her cheek.“...well, you get the picture.” she winked at him.

Maria watched the scene with a fond smile, and took another bite. Suddenly, the giant mother noticed the telltale sound of church bells announcing the next hour, and her eyes widened. “Already 9 pm? The concert is in half-an-hour! Girls, let's eat fast! But not too fast.” she felt the need to add, as a nurse.

Half-an-hour later...

The fresh new concert stadium was getting its first show, and what a show it was, if the roaring crowd was to be believed! It was none other than Twelve is Midnight playing their newest song,You buy that, girl? Really, girl?

With a title like that, how could it be anything else than a hit? Thousands of women (and men) seemed to approve wholeheartedly, screaming at every hair flip, every finger point, and when that tiger shirted member's solo was up, many mascara-tainted tears were shed.

As the song came to a halt, the blond member of the group took the mic. “Hey everyone, just wanted to take a minute – a minute, see? – a minute to thank you all.” he spoke from the heart, with a heavy korean accent that had more than one attendee foam at the mouth. “But you know, me and the boys were wondering – right now, right there – we were wondering, from all those sparks in the audience, who's got the brightest? Yo fans, who's the biggest fan of all?! TELL US!”


The blond was tapping his chin in thought, mimicked by his crewmates. “Daaang, we've got energy up the clouds, so it's hard to choose...”


The yell was like a crack of thunder just above the stadium residents' heads. When the ringing in the band's ears stopped, they looked up in bewilderement at the two young giantesses sitting on the edges of the stadium, the structure creaking but holding strong under their combined weight.

“Omigosh, they're looking at us!” fangirled Sid, rubbing her cheeks in excitement.

“Wow, even that small, they still lookamazing.” commented Ronnie-Anne with a giggle.

The crowd was on edge, but the boys? They had showbiz experience, and as such, offered bewildered smiles. “Um, guess we've got winners?” chuckled the blond member, scratching his head. “Hey girls! You mind telling me your names?!”

“Sid! I'm Sid!” she gleefully waved.

“And I'm Ronnie-Anne!” she waved likewise, and swooned a little. “I can't believe Twelve to Midnight is talking to us! Best, day, ever- whoaaa!” she flailed her arms, as she started losing her balance. Her fellow giant caught her by the scruff of her tank top just in time, much to her relief. “Heh heh, nice catch, thanks.”

“No problem!” chirped Sid. Once she had her friend back up, she shouted, “Twelve to Midnight! Can you play 'Tiger - Comeback to stage'?!”

The blond singer smirked, and snapped his fingers. “Well, if it's from ourbiggestfans, how can we say no? DJ! You heard the girl! Let's make a show at the size of our crowd, hai!”

With that, the music started playing, and the crowd started dancing right along the five boys. That of course very much included the two giantesses, who were making the whole structure shake along with the rhythm, and offering the audience a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Outside the stadium, Carlota was attracting her own crowd, and participating in a few vlog collabs and photoshoots. Suffice to say, she was getting very used to that kind of fame. As for Lincoln and Maria, the two were hanging out together with a third party. Maria was kneeling down in the parking lot, with Lincoln sitting on her truck-wide knees, and the mega nurse was enjoying a cup of decafeined coffee. The mug was a bit small to her, but the fact that it could pass as a regular mug to her just told how humongous it really was.

The giant mother let out a small relaxed moan as the coffee warmed her up. “How I went a whole other day without you, I have no idea.” she purred at the steaming mug. She looked down at the little people on and by her knees. “Thank you so much for the coffee, mr. Sweet.”

“And for the orange juice!” added Lincoln, sipping on his juice box.

“Why, my pleasure.” earnestly said the top-hatted fellow, dandy as could be. “If it wasn't for nurse Santiago getting my hand out of this oil lamp, I would have been unable to pursue my drawing career, I say. Peculiar to be meeting you like this,” he said as he traced his cane along the outline of her gargantuan form, “but perhaps it is for the best. After all, I have been aiming to watch my caffeine consumption these days, my word.”

He of course referred to the mug behind him, which wasonlyfive times his size, half of Maria's own mug, and which he could somewhat lift with ease. With a chuckle from the odd fellow and the nurse, they toasted to a strange, but most pleasant night.


And that was the last of the singular events of today. Soon after the concert ended, a renowned travelling circus offered their tents as bedsheets in exchange of a few pictures for publicity. The giant girls each had their own blanket, and found a nice enough field to lay down for the night. Lincoln looked at the starry night above, and mused over how it had come to this. A day ago, he envisioned himself looking at a bedroom ceiling after a day of regular fun and games in the big city, tucked in a sleeping bag on the floor.

Instead, he was at the end of the most surreal day of his life, and his body entrapped inside the closed fist of his girlfriend, now at least four stories tall. He could hear her content breathing as she was cuddling him aganst her giant cheek in her sleep. And the serene smile she was sporting was enough for Lincoln to feel completely safe, and eventually doze off as well.

However, the fun day of activities had mostly kept Lincoln off the social medias. Had he taken a good look at it, even now, he would have seen that the trending tag#LasGigantaswas closely tailed by another tag. One with similar background... and very familiar figures over it.


Chapter 4: Home, Large House

The morning silently came by for the four giant ladies, but they had a busy awakening. A real crowd had formed around them, and though it wasn' surprising, this still left them in a rough patch, as even local news networks were covering the event. Fortunately, they managed to give them the slip, with the false pretense that giant ladieswith fishtailshad been spotted around Lake Michighan. The crowd dispersed, Lincoln took off his fake mustache, and they all had a good laugh.

Their next stop was at an ambitious modern bakery, where the tenants swore they could take on every request! They had to own up to that, by making a complete breakfast for one child and four colossuses. Needless to say, they had to close for a day, but the exposure alone was a guarantee for their success to come.

But at last, their booming steps led them to the outskirts of Royal Woods. With the town in view, Ronnie-Anne and her mom had a fond smile on their faces, while Carlota and Sid looked on with gleeful curiosity.

“Aw yeah, it's good to be back!” celebrated Ronnie-Anne, little Lincoln on her shoulder. She could already spot the school, the park, and her old skate ramp. Which was about the size of her feet now. A young skateboarder pulled a simple Ollie up the ramp, and spotted the giant tween. She waved at him, the skateboarder gaped, and wiped out, making her wince.

“I'm pretty sure that skater had all the protections.” Lincoln reassured his girlfriend with a sheepish smile, which did help her feel a little less guilty.

“Whoaaa, so that's your old hometown?” gushed Sid at the model-sized town. “It's so cuuute! Look at all the little houses, and their tiny gardens, and their itsy-bitsy garden gnomes, eeee! You know, I'm almost gonna miss being this big!”

“The hospital staff sure is going to be surprised to see me again. And the coffee shop tenant.” chuckled Maria, imagining the 'far-out' man getting her titanic order, and fainting right away, cushioning the fall with his matress of dreadlocks.

“Streets here look kinda narrow though.” commented Carlota, trying to view how she would fit in them. “We gotta be careful. We didn't make the whole trip with zero incident, to end up tripping over electric wires, squashing up houses, and having our fail being memed all over.”


'“Whoops...” said Sid, looking at the Welcome to Royal Woods' sign, laying crushed in the imprint of her careless step. “Nobody saw that, right?”

“Maaaybe, I should try again and get someone to open us the way.” sweatdropped Lincoln. He began dialing a number, his father's this time.

“Whoa, look!” faintly echoed the voice of a girl cycling on a tandem with a friend out of the city, and passing by the gargantuan ladies. “Yoo-hoo!” she waved enthusiastically.

“Why, hello there.” Maria said, as she politely returned the wave.

“Wow, even more giant ladies! Royal Woods sure is getting packed!” added the other girl, and the two departed while giggling.

The Gigantas, however, sobbered up immediately. Carlota pointed at the two departing girls with a confused frown. “Um, just making sure I didn't mishear that... she did say 'MORE giant ladies', right?”

“I heard it too.” Sid nodded, and the giantesses all exchanged wary looks.

“Yes! It's ringing!” exclaimed Lincoln, oblivious to the new nugget of confusion that had just been dug out. He heard someone pick up, and beamed. “Dad? Is that you?”

Lincoln! Good to hear ya, son!” answered his father. Lincoln could hear him clearly, though he swore he could hear faint thumping sounds in the background, but he made no note of it. “Everything okay on your end?

“Oh, I'm fine! Yesterday and today have been hectic, weird, and a little bit scary, but mostly, it was great! You must know what I'm talking about.”

Oh, hard to miss it, all the networks were on that darn raygun's effects yesterday!” Lynn Sr. chuckled good-naturedly. “In fact, we saw that you were approaching the city, so your mom and I are coming to meet you there!

“Oh cool!” smiled Lincoln, while cleaning his ear from that weird sound. It was like that low thumping sound was echoing through both of his ears now. “But be careful where you park Vanzilla! Sid just had an accident with the town welcoming sign.”

Oh, I wouldn't worry about Vanzilla, it's still safely parked in our driveway.

Now it was Lincoln's turn to be confused. “Then... how are you gonna come?”

Our giantesses had that answer, as they gazed dumbfoundedly ahead. “Oh... my word.” softly spoke Maria.

“Thaaat's what they meant.” winced Carlota, with Sid gaping like a fish.

Ronnie-Anne nudged the tiny boy with her cheek. “Hey, Lincoln?Your mom is coming.

Lincoln shot a weird look at his giant girlfriend, and looked in the direction of their gazes, only for his jaw to be dropping down, and him nearly dropping his phone. He was getting a sense of déja-vu, but it was one he had NOT expected to get.

You've probably guessed it by now.Clad in the tight-fitting shorts remains of her brown pants and a shoulderless ragged piece of her red blouse wrapped around her torso; aiming her careful step in-between the streets, with her black flat shoes cruelly missing in action; matching Maria's impossible size with even a little excess.

Yep, the massive family's now MASSIVE mother,Rita Loud, was approaching. Her thighs occasionally grazed the taller buildings, but left barely any scratch, on her or the structure. The woman's focused frown turned into a smile when she caught sight of her fellow victims.

“Hi everyone! I hope you had a good trip.” waved Rita. “Strange way to meet up, right? I wish it could be in less bizarre circumstances, but I'm glad everyone is doing okay. Especially my little guy.” she chuckled with motherly tenderness, as she joined the group, and leaned forward until she was looming just over her gaping son. “Hi sweetie~ Did you have a nice week-end with the Casagrandes? No matter howunusualit was?”

“Y-Yeah...” was all Lincoln could manage under his mother's warm face taking up his whole field of vision. “M-Mom, you're huge too! How did this happen?!”

Rita sighed. “There was a little... accident. I got caught in the blast, and... your sisters too...”

Lincoln nearly fainted right then and there, and he would have, had it not been for Ronnie-Anne's finger catching him from behind, and offering a sympathetic smile. Still, it didn't stop him from trembling a little from shock. “T-They all got... blasted?” he asked woozily.

“Well, not all of them.” spoke Lynn Sr., appearing on his wife's broad shoulder. In his hands, was the cooing form of Lincoln's youngest sister.

“Lily!” Lincoln exclaimed joyfully.

“Winky!” answered the little bundle of joy just as giddily.

“Do you mind if I pick him up for a moment, dear?” asked Rita.

“Go ahead, ma'am.” chuckled Ronnie-Anne.

The colossal mother plucked her little guy up, and couldn't fight a little moment of awe. “Look at you, my littlelittleguy. You've been through so much this week-end, come here.” With that, she planted a big motherly smooch on her son's head, who smiled despite being red from both the lipstick, and the giggles and 'awws' of the other giantesses. Satisfied, Rita put him on the same shoulder as her husband and daughter, for them to all reunite.

“Hey Dad!” Lincoln said, embracing his old man. He then picked Lily in his arms, and rubbed his cheek against hers, much to the tot's delight. “Oooh, it's so good to see you, and normal-sized. You as a giant would have been something to behold though.” Lily roared as if she was a very big lizard monster.

“So... precious...” swooned Sid, grazing a house in her cute-induced wooziness. She gained an inquisitive look when looking at the Loud matriarch. “So, Mrs. Loud! First, really great to meet ya! Second, how did you and Lincoln's sisters join the mile-high club? Um, the closer-than-everyone-to-a-mile-high club anyway.”

“Oh don't worry, I'll tell you everything while we move.” With that, the giantesses started their cautious trek through the city, and Rita began her tale. “It was about an hour or two after news broke out of the situation in Great Lakes City. Lisa was hard at work to fix her BIG boo-boo, but things didn't go as planned, as you can guess...”

The day before, at the Loud House...

“Alright, I have successfully redirected the residue of the embiggening neutrons. Once I manage to seal its containment, I can work on creating the enzyme to destroy them, and hopefully put a definitive end to this minor setback to the road to greatness.” spoke the little genius in the peace of her room, standing over the bare contents of, in the layman's terms, her growth gun. She narrowed her eyes at the wall. “And hopefully, it shall alleviate my current grounding by quite a bit.

“I know you can do this, Lisa! You're like, the smartest peep I know!” chirped the ditzy head of the Loud House,Leni. She was wearing her standard clothes, with protective googles on her face, and rubber gloves. She should be wearing the labcoat too, but the many pockets of the outfit just kept distracting her, and as such, Lisa removed it entirely.

“Your praise is much appreciated, dear assistant Although, it would be sweeter to hear if my cellular device hadn't fallen victim to your slipery digits.” Lisa commended rather coolly, referring to the big hole that had melted in the sizzling phone. Leni adopted a very guilty expression, and Lisa sighed. “No need to look so down, I shall charge it on the NASA. If they can build computers ever more powerful every month partly thanks to some of my designs, they can pay for that.”

Leni's mood sprang back up. “Okay! So, what's next? You want me to play with Lily some more?” she said, pointing at the tot playing with her blocks in her cot.

“That can wait. Right now, I need you to go fetch 30 milligramms of fluorocarbon. It's the smallest vial on the shelf that contains glaringly red liquid.”

“You got it!” saluted the blonde, skipping on her way, and grabbing the vial. She brought it back to Lisa without so much as a crack or a drop on the carpet. However, as Lisa was preparing to grab it, doubt clouded her mind. “Wait, wasn't it three milligramms of that stuff?”

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Leni,Idid the math, and I most certainly remember from my notes that30milligramms of fluorocarbon are what is needed to apply a safe, sealing coat to the energy cache.”

“Coat?” The term spoke to Leni, for obvious reasons. But she shook her head, and insisted. “But it's true, I remember you saidthreemilligramms, you gotta believe me!”

Lisa gave her a deadpan glare of sorts. “Leni, what did you have for lunch today?”


Whatdid youhaveforlunch, sister? Well?” asked Lisa smugly, already knowing the answer. That Leni didn't. The fashionista handed the vial to her sister, and crossed her arms with an irate pout.

“You didn't have to be so mean to prove you were right.” grumbled Leni.

“Facts can be cruel sometimes, dear sister.” answered Lisa with little remorse. She dosed the concoction, and applied the thirty milligramms onto the cache, effectively covering it in an instant. “There we go, a thick coat of protection that'll allow me to-huh?!

Having yet to harden, the liquid spreaded beyond the cache, and mucked part of the gum's mechanism. It didn't appreciate that, and started sizzling and popping, before a littlebangechoed, followed by a low whir of the now broken gun.

“Great Scott, how could this have happened?!” panicked the little genius, at the sight of hours of work going up in smoke.


Lisa heeded the throat-clearing noise, and looked at her big sister, who had one hand on her hip, the other holding and thrusting a scribbled notepad in the little sister's face, and her face still settled into a frown. Though now, it matched the deadpan glare she herself had received earlier.

Lisa adjusted her glasses, and read the page. She gave it a satisfied nod. “See, it's as I told you.” she said, putting her finger on the '30' result at the bottom. “30 milligramms. Now, perhaps I may have fumbled with an equation along the... way...”

Realisation settled in when the '0' stuck to her finger, gooey-like. She traced her finger along it, and brought it to her mouth. The familiar taste of PB&J. The same she had for lunch. She took another look at the results. Only a single '3' now stood.

“Ooooooh...” Lisa hissed, red as a tomato. And Leni's pout had only grown poutier. “I suppose my hygiene and table manners are still lacking. But aren't mistakes what make us humans?” she shrugged with a wide, awkward smile. Leni responded by crossing her arms, and turning her nose up and away with a big huff.

“Do not give me that! My mechanical reaction to a possible blunder of yours is only natural, you know that!” Lisa stomped her foot forcefully, defending her pride. But when Leni still refused to look at her, that pride froze over. Few things were chillier than a cold shoulder from Leni. Lisa twiddled her thumbs, and sighed. “Very well. I'm sorry, Leni. Just because your word is often wrong, doesn't mean I shouldn't trust it enough to at least check it. I... should trust you more. May I ask for your forgiveness?Please?

Leni cracked an eye open in her sister's direction, intending to stay mad at whatever pleading look she received. But, as cold as her shoulder could be, it was also very easy to melt. The blonde seized the little brunette, and gave her a big hug. “Aww, of course you can, and you totes have it!”

But while this heartwarming scene was playing out, something far more worrying was unfolding. The sizzling liquid, still in abundance, began sizzling over the cache. Instead of protecting it, the liquid was starting to make it melt! Lily quickly noticed the green spark starting to fly.

“Isa?” said Lily, tugging on her roommate's pant leg.

“Yes, younger sibling, what is-” She spotted the sparking gun, the lights growing wilder by the second. “By DeGrasse's smile, it's about to explode!” She used her high position in Leni's arms to get Lily out of her pen and in her arms, before jumping on the ground. “Quick! To my closet! I have reinforced the panel doors to be able to whistand any explosion or radiation!”

“O-Okay!” nodded Leni, but her frightened heart worsened her ability to not tangle her feet in the room's carpeting. “Whoaaa!” she shouted, as she tumbled down on the ground.

The sound reached Lisa's ears as she had stepped in the closet, with Lily over her shoulder. She gasped as she saw the gun hopping wildly with green cracks all over, while her big sis was moaning on the ground. “Leni!” yelled Lisa in despair, ready to run back.

Leni looked behind her at the disaster about to strike, and looked back at Lisa with a strange light of determination dancing in her eyes. “Lisa, close the door! Protect Lily and yourself! I'll be totes okay!” She smiled. “Trust me.

Lisa could only look down and mutter a meek “I'm sorry...” before slamming the doors close, and pushing a button to make the holes in the door shut as well. She braced herself...


On the outside, the neighbourhood felt the usual explosion of the afternoon, though a tad late today. But they also got to witness the entire Loud home light up with a blinding green light, before a giant green laser shot to the sky, straight into space. “LOUDS!” yelled their cranky neighbour. “Turn down that racket! Your radiation stuff is gonna bring the proprety value down!”

Back in the room, Lisa had her ear glued to the door, hearing dead silence. She tentatively peeked through one of the blinds, and saw that the mayhem was over. A charred shape was all that remained of her growth raygun, half of the mechanism burnt beyond salvation. But she gave it no mind at the moment, for her eyes were all on her big sister.

“Leni!” she yelled, as she zoomed out of the closet, Lily waddling behind her. She kneeled besides Leni, who was sitting up and seeing stars. She looked fairly okay, with only her hair blown back, and a thick glowing coat of green encasing her body. “My word! Are you okay? Is your throat burning? Any itching or discomfort in your digestive system? How many digits am I holding up?!”

“Words... too much words for Len-len...” babbled Leni, her eyes doing the loop-dee-loop over and over. Their fast pass for DizzyLand expired quickly, and the kind blonde shook her head back to consciousness. “Wait... my head, two hands, flawless manicure, two cute little footsies... yep! I'm totes okay! But my hair is adisaster!” She pushed it down, and it recovered most of its usual straightness. “That's better. Wait...I'm green! Worst thing ever!This complexion is so not working for me!” But to her relief, the glow faded away in a matter of seconds. “Phew, false alarm, I'm peachy!”

“I believe your cerebrum, heart and muscle mass melting into sludge would have been a far more catastrophic event.” said Lisa matter-of-factly, but still wiped her brow with great relief and a big smile. “But thank goodness, you seem to have sustained no injury or side-effect. Only an afterglow.” Her brow furrowed as the supercomputer in her mind mashed the numbers. “Agreenafterglow. The same colour... as the...” She gasped, and took a step back. “Oh no...” She looked at her right to see her doorwide open, just under the still-glowingvents.“Ohno.

“LISAAAA!!” rumbled the voice of her youngest elder sister, the sassyLola. The little pageant powerhouse flung her own door open, and glared forward with hands on her hips. “Would you mind keeping the kooky science stuff down while I'm doing my make-up?!” she growled, pointing at the big lipstick line drawn across her cheek, which she hastily wiped away with her glove. “Also, I'm pretty sure I glowed green for a moment! What's up with that?!”

“Ah, don't listen to Naggy McNofun over there!” called Lola's twin and fierce opposite, the mud-lovingLana. She was grinning from ear to ear, and peeking over Lola's shoulder. “Can you make my glow happen again, or make it permanent?! That would be so cool! Not to mention helpful if I have to go under the porch again to fix it, or in the sewage pipe.”

“You are sooooo gross.” Lola almost retched at her messy twin. She turned back towards Lisa, and raised an eyebrow at the genius' horrified expression. “What? I just want an explanation, I'm not gonna eat you. I'll bite your hand, tops.”

“You all have...muchmoreto worry about at the moment.” gulped Lisa, her knees trembling. “As do I...”

“Ooooh... Guys? I feel funny...” moaned Leni, clutching her stomach. The feeling akin to ants going all over her body didn't reassure the arachnophob, so she really started panicking when she felt herself quiver. “W-Why am I cold now?”


Severely mistaken, she watched the ground slowly grow farther away, and her dress shuffle and tighten. The straps of her sandals surrendered quickly, and her sunglasses fell to the ground when her head bonked against the ceiling.

Owie! Owie ow ow...” Leni shuddered with pain, rubbing her bump, and feeling the sensation go away. When she opened her eyes, she gaped at herself in horror. Her dress now coiled around her form, she had grown big enough for her head to be touching the ceiling. EEEEEEEEEEEEK!OMGosh OMGoshOMGosh! the blond amazon screeched in terror.

“It's just as I feared!” gasped Lisa, slapping her hands against her cheeks.

“L-Lisa? W-What's happening to her?” asked Lola, her commanding tone skewered by fear. The little princess looked at her gloved hands, as they began to tingle and tremble, soon spreading to the rest of her body. “W-What's happening to meeeeeeeeee?!

Fwomp! BONK!

OOOOOW!” yelled the prim twin, having sprouted to more than two meters tall (7-8 feet), and her head colliding against the door frame. With a cry of pain, she fell down like a mighty oak. Her dress had risen up to her knees, her necklace was tight around her neck, and her heels were threatening to burst.Real good quality those, if you ask me.

“Oh my gosh, Lola! You're alright, sis?” asked the handygirl, greatly concerned for her sister. But she didn't have the time to rush by her side, before she too, went through a growth spurt. “Whoaaaaa!

Fwomp! Snap!

Like the twin she was, she grew to match her sister in size. Her sneakers had ripped open, her cap was wobbling uneasily on her grown scalp, and her overalls were looking a size too small. In fact, one of the latches had snapped in two! Only her pigtails were fine. She put a worried hand on the ceiling, too close to her head for comfort. “Um, this isn't as cool as I thought it would be. I'd like to stop now!

Lily didn't understand much of what was going on. All she knew is that things looked dire. “'Isa? Sca'ed!” she whimpered.

Lisa snapped to attention. “Sister, I think now is a good time as ever for atactical retreat!” She threw Lily on her shoulder, snatched what remained of her gun, and headed out of her room. “Good luck!” she said to her growing sisters.

No! Don't leave us here! Lisaaaa!” called Leni in distress, but to no avail.

'I'm sorry, but I must carry Lily to safety.' Lisa thought with great guilt. But she didn't get very far, as the door just in front of the staircase started to bend unnaturally, the knob popping off. She screeched to a halt, just as the door was knocked down, and the giant head of her sporty sister crashed through.

“Aaah, that smarts...” hissedLynn Loud, her shoulders now stuck in the frame. The sleeves of her t-shirt were already in tatters, and her room was already in disarray, with big marks on the wall most likely due to knee-jerk reactions to her growth. She recovered quickly – as she does – and opened her eyes. When she caught her little sisters, especially the bespectacled one, she began seething mad. “Hey, what's the big idea here?! Is this whole thing a jab at how I said my growth spurt was gonna to come soon?! If it is, there's gonna beheckto pay, LabRunt!” she barked, trying to twist her shoulders out of the doorframe.


The giant brunette and both non-affected looked to the other side of the hallway, to see a giant foot having brought down the door to Luan and Luna's room. It was identified by he yellow wooly rag tied around the ankle was a dead ringer to the jokester's long yellow socks.

“Heh heh, I know I said I'd do the coiling-in-the-box trick once I'd hit thebig time, but that's just pushing it. Haha, get it?”LuanLoudpunned on, despite the edge of nervousness in her voice.

Fwomp! Crrrr...

Her voice grew more worried when her leg grew a fair bit longer, and a spider-web crack appeared to suggest something was pushing against the wall. “O-Okay, maybe not the b-best time for a joke. But it's all part of the job, gotta keep em coming if I wanna reach thetop-”


Her pun met punishment a second time, with her leg growing long enough to tackle the other wall, while her other leg rammed a hole into the wall of her room. The comedian dropped the act for a good burst of panic. “AAAAAH! SOMEBODY HELP MEEEE!”


It was now the turn of the bathroom door to go, but from the inside this time. The entry revealed the resident gloomy poet,Lucy Loud, on her knees inside the room. From their vantage view, they could see her shape being far too large to pass through the door, her striped sleeves and pant legs half-torn away, and little rips starting to appear on her dress near her sides. Held in her hand by the knob was the door, that she had apparently torn off its hinges with her newfound herculean strength. And she looked even unhappier than usual about it.

Sigh...Can't a girl go to the little vampire room without getting cursed?” brooded Lucy, fidgetting awkwardly from her position. At least she did, before her body shook, and sprouted larger again, sending her into the attic, up from her shoulders, and widening the tears in her dress a little. “I guess not... ow.” she added just as dryly.

“Luce!” cringed Lynn with sympathy for her roommate. She turned a half-pleading, half-angry look at the helpless genius. “Hey brainiac, can't you fix this?Now?!

“Can I fix this? Indubitably.” parroted Lisa with a nod. “Can I fix this now? To that, I send you back to a prime character of classic animation known for its speed and unlimited luck...” She stuck out her tongue a couple of near-instant times, hopped in the air, tapped her feet together, threw in a little “Meep meep!”, and zoomed down the staircase with her little sister and broken raygun, leaving the growing teen to pester and struggle.

Lisa arrived at the front door, and began reaching up to open the locks. Lily, who was sort of enjoying the ride, looked towards the living room, and giggled. “Hee hee, biiiig Woona!”

Lisa took a look in that direction, and cringed, as Lily wasn't fibbin'. There was the rockstar herself,Luna, not in the best of positions: laying on the floor, her head propped against the wall of the parents' room, the couch and coffee table in splinters under her, and her hands and feet pressed against the ceiling, less they'd be through the windows. Her boots were gone, as were her bracelets. Her t-shirt was more torn up than usual, and her long skirt wasn't so long anymore, with all the white belts laying dead on the floor.

“This bites, this seriously bites.” complained the uncomfortable musician. She spotted her baby sisters, and had a dash of hope. “Dudes! You mindstoppingthis now? This is getting way too freaky! Oooooooh...” Luna moaned, seized by another growth spurt. She had to bend her growing knees and elbows to not crack the ceiling and walls, but the TV was not so lucky, as its program was interrupted by her purple behind flattening the screen. “Aw bugger, I was watching that.”


Luna's eyes widened, as did her sisters', for the ceiling was starting to fall apart. But not because Luna was pushing up. Rather, something seemed to be heavying it down. “Yeah dudes, this bites.” repeated the huge musician.


“OOOOF!” wheezed Luna, another giantess falling on her stomach, and knocking the air straight out of her. “Show ain't over 'till the big Luna wheezes... ugh...”

“Huh, this hurt way less badly than I thought it would...” commented the eldest sister of the Loud pack,Lori, as she rubbed the rubble off her voluminous blond hair. Her tanktop had one strap snapped, and ripped past her bellybutton. Her open shorts were torn at the legs, and her shoes were history. The eldest, and biggest Loud sister observed her surroundings, and gasped. “Oh my gosh! Luna!” she winced with worry for her brunette sister, who looked, to her big sister, two heads smaller than she usually was. Lori managed to lift herself off of her. “Are you alright?”

“Eh, I've been better.” grimmaced Luna. “But I wish I wasn'tbigger.”

Lori could only sympathise as she looked up at the big gaping hole that used to be her room, and under her own weight no less. NOT a good feeling. So it was only natural that when she saw the fidgeting genius, she gave her the oh-so feared Lori Death Glare. You...If you weren't holding Lily right now, I'd be turning you into a human ADN REPLICA!” she snarled, accentuating her threat with her fist hitting the ground, and leaving a nasty mark.

Lisa Marie Loud! thundered the Loud mother's voice, followed by a loud crash. There was Rita, crushing the family dinner table under her girth. Her outfit was halfway between its normal appearance, and the torn rags she'd use to walk in the city. It seemed that the crash came from her generous hips totaling the kitchen entryway, while she herself was filling both rooms at the same time! “You'd better have a very good explanation for all this, young lady!”

“And I'll be delighted to give it to you! But at the moment, I must pull my young sibling unit to safety.” she hastily explained, opening the door. “Do mind your heads.” And with that, she was gone.

“Did she mean...” trailed off Lori, as her body started to shake again. And so did Luna's. And her mom's. In fact, the whole house started to shake with all the poor souls upstairs about to go through the same event. Despite it all, Lori sighed in resignation. “Litterally, worst four-day week-end EVER.”

Outside the house, Lisa ran to the sidewalk. There, she spotted Vanzilla arriving, her father apparently done with his hangout with his music pals, and the pets' check-up, who were in cages inside the vehicle. He honked and waved at his daughters. “Hey there kiddo! You look like you're in an awful hurry. Are you done making that antidote for the Casagrandes?”

“NO!” she shouted, startling her old man.

“Well geez, it's okay kiddo, I know I couldn't do half the stuff you do.” said Lynn Sr., starting to park in the driveway. “It's alright if you don't figure out right away-”

“That's not what I meant!” cut in the panicking youngin'. “My scream was meant to stop you from parking the familial vehicle here! Get out of the driveway!”


Lynn Sr. screamed in fear when a giant hand suddenly burst from the wall facing the garage. He quickly went in reverse, and narrowly avoided the palm slamming down and destroying the driveway, as well as some of the garage.

“By Darwin's underpants...” whispered Lisa, tightening her hold on her baby sister, who watched with just as much worry.

It all went so fast after that. A massive pale foot erupted throuth the window. A manicured hand punched a whole through the roof. More and more huge limbs were popping up one after the other, each one accompanied with groans of discomfort, or loud calls for help. Once it seemed there could be no more limbs left to appear, the walls of the house started to creak and bloat like an inflating balloon, one about to burst!

HIT THE DECK! advised Lisa, taking up on her own order along with her dad and sister, and crouching down behind Vanzilla, listening to the splintering woodwork. Until...


Debris rained all over the street. Doors, steps, bits of roof, all ending with the 1216 house number dropping just before the remaining Louds, who exchanged wary looks. When the sounds of destructive chaos finally stopped, they were replaced by a variety of earth-rumblingthumps, and shadows stretching over to the houses across the street. Lynn and his daughters dared looking up, and gaped with a mix of awe and disbelief at what was left. At the pack of newborn titanesses.

Lisa was first to speak up, with a nervous chuckle. “So... I don't assume that my grounding shall get any relief any time soon?”

Young lady, you have many weeks of the chocolate-less life ahead of you.

Lisa sighed tiredly. “This is simply NOT my day.”

Chapter 5: A Lincoln in the hand, is worth two in someone else's

Back to the present...

Having crossed most of the city by this point, Rita wrapped up the story with a sigh, and the Gigantas, plus Lincoln, gaped at her.

“Dios mio, our incident sounds quite tame in comparison.” commented Maria. “The appartment is at least still standing.”

“Yeah, my stuff got squashed under me, but at least half of it was fine, and still in a room.” added the mega fashionista, giving a quick wink at a passer-by. She noticed the white-haired tiny boy, who seemed to be taking the news rather poorly. “Oops... sorry, Lincoln.”

“Our house is... gone?” asked Lincoln, looking quite shellshocked on his sympathising girlfriend's shoulder. “All our stuff... gone too?”

Lynn Sr. put a reassuring hand on his son's shoulder. “Actually, no. With all that second-handed stuff we bought, you'd think there'd only been splinters and rags left behind. But think again! I mean sure, the couch couldn't handle Luna, neither could the TV, and your mom left her mark on the fridge.” The colossal blonde chuckled sheepishly. “But we saved the beds, most of your clothes, even the family albums and trophies! Add to that a tight insurance plan, and we're pretty much dandy.”

“And Ruthy said getting the 'Tokyo Package' was a waste of money.” grinned Rita, her laughter making her husband almost loose his footing.

“Man, that's one heck of a luck stroke. For all of us, really.” said Ronnie-Anne, wiping her brow clean from any trace of worry she had for her tiny boyfriend. “I hope you guys didn't have it too hard after that. You know, feeding and sleeping and stuff. Or getting in trouble with the townfolk.

“Well, we thought we'd be in trouble with Mr. Grouse, since parts of the house landed in his garden. But he took a good look at us, frowned, and closed the door.” reminisced Rita.

“Something about calling the pharmacy for selling him 'expired sleeping pills'.” continuted her husband. “Anywho, the mayor really put herself out there to get us some food and shelter. My old boss lent a hand for the dishes, 'challenge greater than Moscow in '62' he said. Luan's clown camp buddies, along with Leni's sewing club, provided the materials for a big enough tent. It was kind of heart-warming to see the whole town coming to our aid like that, especially since we've caused them our fair share of grief.”

Rita nodded. “And with their little friends keeping them company, your sisters had a fine time. Lisa is working on the cure at the scientific institute, with tougher walls to prevent another incident. The news stations were there too, but they could hardly handle some of us.” Lincoln chuckled at that, imagining Lola squeezing a little paparazzi in her hand, daring them to take a bad picture of her. Rita gained a sly smile. “Though sweetie, I think it'syouthey're the most excited for.” Lincoln blanched and gulped. “Speaking of which, we're here!”

Just at the outskirts of the town, a patchwork of massive proportions stood out, capable of looming above even our giantesses. It looked like a grand tent, at their scale. To Lincoln, Lynn and Lily, it of course was the largest tent they had ever seen. Ropes the size of streets were holding it up, with trucks tied at the end of them, and two titanic metal poles seemed to be keeping the roof up.Loudchatter could be heard from the inside, magnified for the anxious brother to feel even more so.

“Woooow! Not even the Cirque du Soleil's tents arethisbig!” marveled Sid. “And look at all those mismatched paterns. This is so cool!”

“They did all that in an afternoon?! Word up: I need to meet those fashion gals!” grinned Carlota.

“Okay, are you ready?” teasingly asked Ronnie-Anne.

Nope.But let's do it anyway.” Lincoln weakly smiled at her.

“Kiiids, we're home! Your brother is here, along with-”


An earthquaking commotion could be heard inside, getting louder as it got closer to them. Lincoln tightened his hold on Ronnie-Anne's tanktop strap. Then at once, all nine heads of his sisters poked their heads through their entrances, and their gazes, large as he would be standing, locked up on him with ecstatic glee!

Eeeee!There he is!”

“So totally tiny!”

“I wonder if he'll squeak if I squeeze him...”

“I wanna hold him first!”

“No, me first! Age before looks!”

“First come, first serve, ladies!”

Lincoln watched on with growing dread and final acceptance, as his giant sisters scrambled closer to him, and a flurry of hands snapped ever closer, ready to engulf him and squeeze the life out of him. But one hand was faster to draw, and he found himself protectively pressed against a freckled tan cheek.

Whoa there! halted Ronnie-Anne, who had taken a step back and held a firm hand right in front of the Large'n'Loud girls. “I totally get the appeal, but I'd like to keep this little guy in one piece, if you don't mind!”

“Aww, I was kidding about the squeezing part.” confessed Luan, the colossal clownette sporting torn versions of her white blouse and yellow skirt. “I just wanted to greet mylittlebrother, haha!”

“Now girls, we talked about this. Your brother is not a toy, his limbs won't come back on if they pop.” Rita shivered. “I had a chill just saying that. Point is, be very gentle with him. Take turns, one at a time, for when you want to hold and pet him. One thing I can add to the list I never thought I'd say about my eleven year-old son.” she whispered the last part to Maria, who giggled quietly.

“DIBS!” Luna quickly raised her hand first, much to the chagrin of her fellow giants. The rocker's wardrobe didn't suffer too much through her biggest growth spurt, fortunately.“And Luna opens the ball.” she rejoiced with a fist pump.

Ronnie-Anne eyed the open palm cautiously, then looked at the boy in her hands. When he nodded, she made the transaction. Lincoln had a hard time standing up when he got closer to his humongous sister's freckled face, and her tender if intimidating look.

“Aww, you're an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny dude, dude.” she chuckled teasingly, her finger gently poking her brother's stomach. Seeing his obvious fear, her voice grew more tender. “Hey, don't you be fearin' none. I might be giant, but I'm still your awesome big sis, Lincs.”

Lincoln knew these words to be true, so he quelled his fears, even a little bit. “Y-Yeah, sorry about that. How's life on the large side treating you?”

“Hecka scary at first, felt like one of those monsters from Dad's old flicks. But I got the hang of it pretty quick, even got to rock out for the town: turns out that big electric guitar they put on the shop is legit.”

“No way!” exclaimed Lincoln, awestruck.

“Yeah way! Plus Sam kinda digged out the 'Attack of the 50ft Luna' look.” Luna reminisced with a sheepish smile and a heavy blush. “Speakin' of, you mind helping a gal out? I kinda want to type a couple o' texts to her, but my dang fingers are too big for the phone, and I ain't Lori.”

“Uh, sure. You want me to kiss her on the cheek for you, or do you have covered?” Lincoln grinned with maximum tease.

“Nah, she loves it when I smooch her all over-hey! cried Luna in faux-indignation, and started playfully ruffling her cackling brother's hair. “You little scamp!”

Lynn's turn

“Wow, you look like such a shrimp to me right now!” the sportaholic smirked down at her brother, her good ol' jersey barely showing its proud '1' anymore, and her red shorts were no longer in their prime. Her ponytail was still fresh from the fight though! “Guess I don't have to worry about you getting taller than me, huh?”

“I'm pretty sure it's less about me being a shrimp, and you being way too huge.” grumbled Lincoln, not enjoying the cheek pinching he was receiving at the moment.

“I know! Isn't it great?! I'm the strongest girl in the world right now! Forget running to the bases, I can just lift the field and have the bases slide to me!” she cackled, pumping her biceps, and putting her brother on one of them. He had to admit, that was kinda funny. “You did pretty well yourself, surviving the growthpocalypse of your girlfriend and her family, nice reflexes. Of course, I gotta keep you sharp.”

“Sport session?” Lincoln bemoaned.

“It's for your own good. We'll keep the regular schedule. Um, except for wrestling and Lucha Libre, for obvious reasons.” They shared a chuckle at this. “I was thinking a little thumb wrestling instead. I'll try to not pin you down too fast. Also, you can show me that parkour you did on Ronnie-Anne. Think you're up for conquering Mt. Lynn?”

“I'll do my best...” Lincoln smiled weakly.

Leni's turn

“OMGosh, Linky! You're the most adorable, precious thing I've ever seen!” squealed the colossal ditz, her dress now in two rags around her chest and hips. “I just wanna keep you in my purse, and take you everywhere with me!”

“T-That's nice, L-Leni.” came Lincoln's muffled reply, wrapped in a bear hug and his face pressed against his massive sister's cleavage. Its softness only flared up its embarassment, and he desperately tried to escape his tender prison, to no avail. “It's g-getting difficult... to breathe...”

The gentle giant realised her mistake, and brought Lincoln back on her palms. “Oops, sorry! I guess I'm too big for hugs right now.” she admitted sheepishly. “Are you okay?”

“I've been worse.” Lincoln wheezed, the echoing snickers indicating that no one would forget this anytime soon, especially himself. But he couldn't hold it against his very big sister, looking worriedly at him. “Anything you wanna do this week-end?”

Leni immediately perked up. “Could you go with me to the mall? I totes can't get in, but I know there's a pair of shoes Ihaveto get. I just hope they're my size” she wondered, looking at hersize?!?footsies.

“Well, whether or not we can, we can just ask Lisa to adjust the size with her raygun of hers, once it's fixed.” deduced Lincoln.

Leni gasped in joy. “That's so smart! Yay, thanks Linky!” she chirped, nuzzling her tiny brother against her giant cheek.

Lana's turn

“This is sooo cool! You're like an itsy bitsy Izzy!”

Lincoln didn't answer right away, a bit taken aback by the view of the titanic tomboy twin. His big sisters being bigger than him was already impressive, but it was nothing truly new. The little grease monkey he used to pat on the head partly because she was just the right size for his elbow to do the bare minimum work, that was something else entirely. Her overalls had turned into shorts, but still reached her green t-shirt, which was slightly ripped at the bottom. On one of her wrists was a rope bracelet, with her tiny red cap hanging off it. Even if it was no bigger than a booger to her, it seemed Lana could not separate herself from her trusty headwear.

Finally, Lincoln was unnerved by the way she kept eyeing him. Lana did have the reputation to eat bugs, and he looked small and ripe to be her snack. “H-Hey Lana, quick question. Did you have a good breakfast this morning, or...?”

“Oh, you have no idea! We got to eat waffles the size of trucks, the biggest omelet I've ever seen, and-” Her excited grin scrunched up in confusion, then suspicion. “Heeey, are you asking that because you're worried I'm gonna eat you?”

“Ummm... maybe?” Lincoln sheepishly confessed, to Lana's outrage.

“That's nuts! You know I have better self-restraint than that! How can you say something like that?!” the tomboy fulminated. She went nose-to-nose with her little big brother, who now felt truly afraid. “Just for that, maybe Ishouldeat ya!”

“Aah! Okay okay, I'm sorry! I had a close call yesterday, so I worry too much!” he exclaimed, trying to appease the little girliath with a few pats on the nose. “I trust you, Lana.”

The upset tomboy pursed her lips, but ultimately dropped the charges. “Ah, hard to stay mad. I guess if I was the size of a gnat, I'd be spooked out too.” she grinned. “To make up for it though, you mind helping me with the checkout at the zoo? I wanna go there and give some of those big fellas a hug! I bet they never had one, poor things. Oh, and you can hang in there!”

She dropped him in the front pocket of her overalls, where Hops greeted him into his palace. Lincoln poked out, and turned a kind eye to the grinning giant above him. “I did always wonder what it was like to be in a kangaroo's pocket.” he mused to himself, getting comfortable.

Lola's turn

Where he found himself next however, wasn't nearly as comfortable. Between the princess' grip squeezing his lungs, and her broad cheek drowning him in nuzzles, Lincoln was in quite the pickle.

Eeeeeeeeee!You're the cutiest of cutie patooties there's ever been, EVER! I just wanna keep you, and pet you, and hug you so tight your head will pop off! Not litteraly, of course.” Lola chuckled to herself, before resuming her intense nuzzling. Her sparkling dress was torn to her knees and at her shoulders, hanging on her like a bubble dress. Her gloves, necklace, earrings and heels were kapput, somewhere in the wreckage. But she gave it no mind at the moment, too busy cuddling her doll-sized brother.

That might get... more litteral than you think...” wheezed Lincoln, growing an unhealthy shade of blue in the face.

Fortunately, Lola took the cue to release him onto on her open palm, where he collapsed, gasping for air. “Whoopsie. Guess I need to be more careful. And you need to build up some resistance on that little body, mister.” the biggest princess in the land half-apologised, half-criticised.

“Lynn's got that covered...” panted Lincoln.

“Perfect! Speaking of things to do, I was gonna have a tea party with my pageant friends at the park, but we're missing a stewart, and the boys at school are cowards,the lot of them! she screeched to the heavens. “Soooo...” She plucked out a little hanger with the suit she had tailored for Lincoln a while ago dangling from it. She added her puppy dog eyes to the mix, which would look much cuter was she not a titaness. Pleaaaaaaaaase?

'Ooooh, of all things to survive the wreckage!' face-palmed Lincoln, not too fond of the tight suit. 'Well, it's not like I can refuse, less I want to be grinded into Linc-glitter. Plus, she did say please.' Lincoln sighed. “Fiiine, I'll be the stewart.”

“YYYES! Oooh, thank you sosomuch, Lincoln!” Lola burst with joy, and hugged her brother. She had a moment of clarity. “Too tight?

“Ehhh, I'll walk it off.” shrugged Lincoln in the not-as-tight embrace. Lola gleefully held the hug for a couple more minutes.

Lori's turn

“A promise is a promise! What kind of a man are you if you litteraly can't hold a promise to your big sister?” chided the bossy colossus. Her outfit had grown a little worse, especially for her tanktop which was only wrapped around her chest anymore, with a small cleavage window torn into it.

Unnerved by the magnified looming presence of his sister, Lincoln stood his ground.Well, he begged a little.“Come on, Lori! Can't you have mercy on your little baby brother, pleaaaase?!” whined Lincoln, trying the puppy-eye technique.It was not very effective.

“Look, you said 'Get me to the comic book store for that rare comic sale, and I'll do your nails, all of them, as soon as I come back from Ronnie-Anne's!' Well, you're here, and your rare comic is just fine. This isn't about mercy, it's about the principle!” Lori glowered at the little boy in her palm.

“This is slavery!I'll report you to the Union!” spoutered Lincoln wildly, desperate for an excuse.

Lori rolled her eyes. “Lincoln, Bobby is coming here tomorrow, and the paint on my nails is starting to wear off. Do you want to do it tomorrow, when it'll be all cracked and uneven, probably adding a couple more hours to your workload?” she asked sternly, making Lincoln cringe and ultimately sigh in defeat. The massive sistriarch nodded. “That's what I thought. Plus, I chose raspberry-scented paint, so you won't get intoxicated.”

“Phew, thanks. I can't stand the normal stuff!” shivered Lincoln.

“I had a inking. Now, mind doing me a favour?”

“Um, yes?” he said, a bit anxious as to what this could be.

“A few selfies with me? My page is litteraly exploding with likes right now, and I have to keep the ball rolling.” Lori grinned excitedly.

“That, I can do!” perked up Lincoln, jumping on his sister's shoulder, and striking the pose. A few selfies went by, with Lincoln standing in different positions, and in different places. One time on her knee, the next in her hair, and so on, always with a flock of hashtags accompanying the tender pictures (#Tinybro#BIGSISTER#Large'n'Loud).

Luan's turn

“Had a blast at Ronnie-Anne's? You guysrose the roofon that one! Thebigcity indeed! No wonder they're called the CasaGRANDES! Hahaha, get it?” guffawed the largest clownette in the world.

Lincoln rolled his eyes, as he usually did when confronted with his jokester of a sister. The size puns were pretty much a given, and he couldn't completely fault her for abusing the heck out of it.Still.“Yeah, Sid already did that last one yesterday.”

“Ah nuts. I guess I gottaexpandmy repertoire, hahaha!” Luan had a million like those, to her brother's woefulness. “Seriously though, growing huge was no piece of cake. I even crushed Mr. Coconuts!”

Lincoln gasped. That sassy puppet was pratically family! “Oh no! Is he alright?”

“He's in intensive care at the carpenter's, but I know for a fact he's gonna pull through. It's not the last time you'llsawof him! Haha... okay, that one was a bit too dark.”

“Knock on wood, I guess. Oh dang it, now you've got me doing it!” groaned Lincoln, though he couldn't fight a smile as the huge brunette laughed along.

“Oh! By the way, I've scored us a huge gig – pun not intended this time – at little Celestin DeLune' manor!”

“DeLune?! The millionaire's son?!”

“Yepperoni! With my condition, I got him a one-in-a-lifetime bargain: a living attraction park! I've got Giggles, Benny and all my club pals helping me out, but I need my faithful assistant on the job too. Think you can help yourbigsister out?”

“Cake size?” he asked, drool escaping his lips.

“I'll have to get on my toes to see all that's on top.” she replied with a sly smirk.

I am in!” rejoiced Lincoln. Luan's booming laughter added to his own.In laughter, size never matters.

Lucy's turn

Sigh... said the pale titan. Her stockings and sleeves were ripped everywhere, though still present and raggedly holding together. Her dress had a little split by her waist, but the gap only spanned a half-Lincoln. Her eyes were still hidden behind her thick dark bangs, now giant curtains of darkness. Despite her unchanged expression, Lincoln could sense a more miserable mood than usual emanating from Lucy.

“What's wrong, Luce? The giant life isn't working for you?”

“I should have known I'd have it the worst. I can't host any service, because I either scare commissioners away, or risk stepping on other graves. There's no dark place in Royal Woods I can hide in to be alone. And peak of misery, my fingers are too big to write down my somber thoughts.” she counted her woes, while presenting her poetry book and quill between two fingers. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh...

Toppled down by the gale of that long sigh, Lincoln jumped back on his feet, and bounced high enough to snatch his sister's poetry set. “I can't really help with the grim and dark stuff, but if it's a scribe you need, I can fill in that position. I still owe you for the time you helped me with my paranoia after I watched a Let's Play of Five Evenings at Larry's 15, with earphones on. Biggest mistake of my life...”

Lucy visibly(?) perked up at this. “Really? You'd do that for me?” she asked. Lincoln nodded. “Thank you Lincoln. When the Ancient Ones come back to plunge the Earth into complete darkness, I'll pledge your case to them as best I can.”

'Coming from Luce, that's the highest commendation I could get.' chuckled Lincoln internally. And though she wasn't the biggest fan of emotion displays, those mostly went to her brother. Here, she laid a gentle smooch on top of his white scalp. Yep, she was happy. “By the by, how did your pals take it? Or Rocky?”

“My friends held a few ceremonies to avoid spirits of the Underworld to target me, since I have the mystique and size to become an Eater of Worlds.” Lucy reported plainly. “As for Rocky...” Lucy's voice got a little less plain, and a little more giddy. “He... didn't dislike it.”

“Uh-huh.” said Lincoln, wriggling his eyebrows with a teasing smirk. “So how many smooches didheget?Whoa!

Lucy had laid her other palm on top of Lincoln, harmlessly sandwiching him between them, and muffling anything he was trying to say. No comment. she smiled ever so lightly, her pale cheeks spreaded with a rosy hue.


“Well well, look at Mister Popular.” said Ronnie-Anne to her giant pal, while her cousin was busy taking selfies with the local vloggers, and her mother was busy having an adult talk with the Loud parents.

“I hope his cheeks don't fall off. I heard that really happened!” commented Sid with concern. The duo was referring to Lincoln now being at the centre of his sisters' cute-induced affection, poking at the little guy, pinching his cheeks, petting his head, and more. He now knew what Watterson the puppy felt like when he'd landed at the Loud House.

Ronnie-Anne snorted. “Sid, it's just Becky who was trying to spook you. You gotta stop taking these weird facts seriously.”

“Well, after yesterday, I think you oughta be a little more open-minded to the weirdness!” giggled Sid, holding an abandonned bus in her hand.

“Ah, touché.” Ronnie-Anne then saw that her little guy was being handed back to her by Lori. She accepted the gift, and stiffled her laughter when she saw the ruffled state he was in. His hair and clothes were disheveled, a couple giant lipstick marks smeared his head, and he was missing a shoe. “Dude, you look like you had a fight with Liam's pig, and then she took you out on a date!” guffawed the giant latina.

“I'm used to it at this point. Besides, the day is still young.” simply replied Lincoln, still a bit woozy as he was sat down on his girlfriend's shoulder. He then turned to the invisible camera, and smiled. “In a family as big as mine, and I meanBIGthis time, you gotta take the good with the bad. Even the wildest, most far-fetched event you could imagine, can have its lot of great times.”

“And that applies to friendship too, and maybe more.” continued Ronnie-Anne, the camera dezooming to show her. “A whole new perspective can be really scary, but you can make it thrilling, heck, you can make it GRANDE. Just have fun with it, but never forget to be the bigger person-”

“-or to listen to the little guy on your shoulder. Preferrably with white clothes, or white hair.” Lincoln winked, before getting noogied by a giant tan finger.

“Except if he's a bit too goody-goody.” teased Ronnie-Anne, laughing along with the boy.

“Buh-bye, people I can't see!” waved Sid to the camera. On the side, the giant sisters looked at the tweens waving with curiosity and confusion.

“...Still no idea who they're talking to.” deadpanned Lori.


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