The Absolute Best Feng Shui Colors for Bedrooms (2023)

Feng shui, which translates to “wind and water”, the Chinese art of placement. The idea behind it is to enhance -the flow of chi, which is the life force of spiritual energy. You are supposed to use this to create harmonious environments that support health, welcome happiness, and beckon wealth.

When it comes to using in the bedroom, feng shui helps you rearrange your belongings to support your sleep health and bed rest as well as connection with yourself and your partner. If you follow these tips and ideas, you can turn your hectic bedroom into something sensual and serene. Here’s how youchoose the best bedroom colorsfor feng shui.

Define Your Energy Map

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This is an important part of feng shui. According to your bagua, there will be specified colors for specified areas of your home. Based on where your bedroom is, those are the colors you should be using based on your bagua. This might take a little bit of time to figure out, but once you do it, there will be good energy flowing throughout your home.

Colors for Personal Energy

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There are five elements to feng shui and your personal energy is based off of one of these elements. This means that there are certain colors that support your energy and some that can weaken you. It is best to understand which colors nourish your birth elements as well as the colors that you should avoid all together. For example, if your birth element is wood, then you wouldn’t want to go with fire colors since fire can destroy wood.

Skin Tones

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Skin tones on walls help to create an energy similar to that of an embrace. The energy of skin color tones is warm, earthy, nourishing, and it’s certainly something that we all need at night to help us fall asleep.

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Understanding Bagua

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Before you can really understand feng shui, you must first understandbagua. Bagua is one of the main tools that feng shui uses to study the energy of your bedroom or any given space for that matter. There are eight bagua areas which hold a specific element, direction, and color, as well as the life area that goes with it. There’s also the center area, which is associated with the element of the earth and contains the energy of all eight bagua areas.


  • Career and path in life
  • Water element
  • Blacks and blue colors


  • Spiritual growth and self cultivation
  • Earth element
  • Light yellows, beiges, and sandy/earthy colors


  • Family and health
  • Wood element
  • Browns and green colors


  • Money and abundance
  • Wood element
  • Greens and browns


  • Fame & reputation
  • Fire element
  • Reds, oranges, pinks, purples, bright yellow colors


  • Marriage and love
  • Earth element
  • Light yellows, beiges, earthy/sandy colors


  • Children and creativity
  • Metal element
  • Whites and gray colors

Northwest Area Colors

As with the West area, the Northwest area share as the element of metal. So with this, you can choose whites, grays, and all other earthy tones. Do not choose fiery colors because it will hurt the metal element.

Feng Shui Colors

If you’re trying to figure out which colors will bring the best feng shui energy to your sleeping space, it’s not really that hard of a thing to do. No matter whether you are married or single, the energy in your room has a lot to do with your health as well as your love life, both self and romantic.

Bagua Colors

The bagua area is a specified area in your home that is generally defined by the compass direction of the front door. Choosing a color based on this depends on how you want to promote the overall harmony in your home by honoring the energized needs of each bagua area. This method can become quite complex, so it’s recommended that you check out thebagua conceptbefore you try this.

East Area Colors

If your bedroom is in the area east of the front door, also known as the health and family bagua area, there are a variety of colors for your to choose from. The best color choice comes down to the five feng shui elements and when it comes to an East bedroom, there’s three elements that will bring positive energy to it. For East area colors, you will want to go with something along the lines of earth, water, and wood. This means that you can pick shades of greens and browns as well as blues and blacks.

Southeast Area Colors

Bedrooms that are located in the Southeast area of the home share the relative colors of the East area because they have similar feng shui elements. You can pick from greens, browns, blacks, blues, and earthy tones for theearth elements. Since the Southeast area of your home is linked to the energy in your life, you should think about decorating it to attract wealth energy. It’s important to remember that the water feature and actual representations of water are not good for the bedroom, even if it’s located in the wealth area.

South Area Colors

The South area of the home is linked to the energy of reputation and fame or “the light within”. Thefire elementis one that needs to be fostered. So, the colors that you would want to choose for this area would be reds, oranges, magentas, purples, yellows, and pinks as well as the wood colors of green and brown.

Southwest Area Colors

This is one of the easier bedrooms to decorate and apply feng shui to. This area is linked to the love and marriage energy. Any decor or art elements that talk of romance & love are great because the bugua is increased by the love energy that is visually represented. When it comes to the coloring, anything that represents fire and earth is excellent. So you can use reds, oranges, yellows, purples, pinks, magentas, as well as other earth tones such as greens and browns.

West Area Colors

The Western areas are linked to children & creativity. This doesn’t mean that there are going to be a bunch of wacky paint colors, rather, you are going to want to use whites, grays, and all other earthy tones. Why? Because the elements are connected to metal, and the gray and white is a perfect representation of this. The earthy colors work here as well because it’s nurturing to metal.

Northwest Area Colors

As with the West area, the Northwest area shareas the element of metal. So with this, you can choose whites, grays, and all other earthy tones. Do not choose fiery colors because it will hurt the metal element.

North Area Colors

This is the most difficult of them all to decorate because the ideal colors for this bedroom aren’t the best overall colors for the room itself. Thewater elementis represented by black and blue colors and it does take quite a bit of skill to make these work without the room feeling sad and depressing. It’s not an impossible task, however, you can alternatively choose the metal element colors because it supports water. So, white and gray are great colors for North rooms as well.

Northease Area Colors

This area is closely linked to cultivation and spiritual growth and the element of feng shui here would be earth. So, if your bedroom is in the Northeast part of your home, the best colors would be that of the earth as well as the fire colors.


As soon as you understand feng shui bagua, the easier it will be to decorate your home so that it increases your well-being rather than drag it down. It can seem a bit complicated at first, but once you understand how feng shui really works, you will be a pro in no time. So, when it comes time to redo your room and bring in thatnew mattress, make sure that you are creating positive energy so that you can enjoy it even more.

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