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If you are uninitiated to the world of feng shui, it’s simply an antique Chinese placement art. Its main objective is to improve the flow of chi (spiritual or life force energy). Feng shui also seeks to create harmonious environments that enhance health, invite happiness, and beckon wealth.

The western world has embraced feng shui gleefully in the recent past. From initially being a largely Chinese marvel, contemporary feng shui is turning out to be a worldwide instrument of design. Today, interior designers, architects, and homeowners have started to apply its principles in different areas of the house.

When you utilize feng shui colors properly in your bedroom décor, it changes the feel and looks of the entire space. However, to enjoy impressive results, it is prudent to choose your colors prudently.

So how can you drape your bedroom with the goodness of feng shui colors?

The most important thing to know when working with feng shui for the bedroom is to choose colors that make your room feel serene, secure, and safe. Your color choice must be stimulating for relaxation. Some colors such as creams, whites, pastels, or even muted ones enhance sleep.

If you need more passion in your bedroom, there is no better color to help you achieve that than some fiery reds. You can utilize red in your bedroom rugs or décor. The rule of thumb with red is to strike some form of balance to create the appropriate amount of emotional and romantic energy. Too much red can create the wrong impression.

These are just classic examples of how you can use different colors for different situations. We’ll learn more about how various feng shui colors can be applied in the bedroom to achieve certain results.

What Makes Color So Important In Feng Shui

According to feng shui, every color features an expression of 5 feng shui elements – wood, water, metal, earth, and fire. Every element dictates or governs a particular area inside your house based on Bagua. The choice you make in terms of color ought to focus on not only nourishing but also strengthening the element of feng shui in the area you intend to decorate.

For instance, in this article, our focus is on feng shui colors for the bedroom.

As per feng shui, color is very important because it features a vibrational tone that the energies (read chi) not only pick but send back to the environment. Your choice of color boasts a tremendous effect on the state of your mind as well as how balanced or otherwise you feel.

When it comes to feng shui, context is important. What does this mean? It simply means that there is more to know the technical aspects or principles of feng shui regarding color. It is also prudent to know how best the colors work in a certain space.

How To Balance The Yin And Yang

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Do you know that you can use color as a cure in feng shui for balancing your home’s Yin and Yang energies? Dull colors bring less Yang energy while brighter colors do the opposite. Since we are focusing on the bedroom in this article, it is important to note that it is appropriate to have more Yin energy in here as it is a room for sleep and rest.

Conversely, if you were to consider another area of the house such as the living room, more Yang energy is more appropriate. This is because the living room is an area of high human activity where people laugh, chat, and congregate. For this reason, you need brighter colors in such an area to make people energetic and bubbly.

Meaning of Feng Shui Colors

Of great importance to understand is that each feng shui color has importance and meaning. Therefore, before we look at the best feng shui colors for your bedroom, it is prudent that we look at the various colors and exactly what they stand for:

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Of all colors, red is the strongest. Red is a fire element. It is the color of romance, passion, and courage.

If you desire joy, excitement, and energy to your home, you should consider red. Red is effective at invigorating sexual desire. In Indian and Chinese terms, red is the color of marriage and luck/happiness respectively.

It makes an excellent color choice for your bedroom. You can paint it on the wall or add some red décor to the bedroom. While at it, avoid overdoing it.


Orange is a fire element as per feng shui. It stands for the social, and optimistic environment. This feng shui color makes a great alternative for red if you consider red to be too intense for your bedroom.

The fact that orange is a social color makes it appropriate for singles. With it, you can enjoy energetic chats and great company. Orange makes us remember the summertime.

Utilize it for both your bedroom and living room.


According to feng shui, purple is a fire element. It is noble, royal, and mysterious. Due to its high vibration, you need to use purple in moderation. In your bedroom, avoid painting it on the walls.

Instead, utilize it in décor. If you desire to paint purple on your walls, do so in your meditation room or healing space.


As per feng shui, pink is the fire element. It brings with it a gentle, loving, and soothing feel. Because pink is a love color, it is recommended that you use to soften the energies of your spaces. Pink’s delicate and gentle nature means it soothes and calms a resider’s behavior making it a great bedroom color choice.


The feng shui opines that yellow is the earth and fire element. It makes space such as your bedroom cozy. The light yellow tone is excellent for the bedroom.

Yellow also makes a great choice for the kitchen. Just like blue, plenty of yellow tones are available for your selection to use in different rooms of your house.


According to feng shui, green is a wood element. It represents health, growth, and vibrancy. It is the color for rejuvenation, renewed energy, and renaissance.

With green, you enjoy nature’s healing energy, meaning it excellently balances your entire body. If you want to maximize the energy effects of feng shui, you need to apply different green shades in various areas of your house.


In feng shui, white is a metal element. It represents freshness, innocence, and a new beginning. If you want a color that makes you feel deeply satisfied, you should consider white.

You can use white in all rooms of your house, including the bedroom.


Feng shui holds that this color is a metal element. It boasts a neutral, detached, and clear effect. Many people consider it an upscale, sophisticated, or dull color. If you utilize it appropriately, it brings beautiful energies to any space.


Blue is a water element as per feng shui. It brings peace, tranquility, and calmness. This is exactly what you need in your bedroom.

The good thing is that you can choose from an array of blue tones or hues from deep blue oceans to blue sky hues.


It is considered as the water element. While that is the case, it is important to appreciate the fact that it is infinite, unknown, and absorbing. Due to its strong presence, it is wise to avoid using it in a baby’s room. In addition to that, refrain from using it on your bedroom’s ceiling.

Feng Shui Colors For The Bedroom

Rich, soothing, and warm feng shui colors are ideal for the bedroom. Terra cotta colors coupled with peach, cocoa, tan, cream, and coral are magical. Feng shui colors that are natural and soft such as green, light blues, and lavenders can be handy at making your bedroom welcoming and soothing.

These also make the bedroom not only appear quiet but also feature tranquil vibes. With them, you can invite the healing energy of feng shui straight into your bedroom.

As we have already established, red, pink, and orange are great color choices of romance. If you desire to take the romance levels to a higher level, these are the best colors to utilize. The rule of thumb is to maintain a good balance, that is, do not overdo it.

Red, orange, and pink aren’t your colors? If yes, you can try variations like magenta, eggplant, pomegranate, and burgundy.

Bedroom Direction and Feng Shui Color Choice

Another important thing that you need to know when dealing with feng shui colors for the bedroom is that the direction a bedroom faces determines the choice of color. You need to bejewel your bedroom with colors that not only complement their energy and power but also the direction it faces.

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By following the choice of colors we have listed in this section, you can rest assured that you will have spiced your bedroom as per feng shui.

Let’s have a look at the different directions of the bedroom and their relevant color (s):

East-Facing Bedrooms

The best colors for this space would be green and brown. These represent wood elements. You can also go for blue and black. All these colors are applicable except for purple and red.

South-East Bedrooms

Feng shui colors representing wood work best in these bedrooms. These colors are green, black, brown, and blue. Gold tones can be added reason being this direction is regarded as an area for money.

South-Facing Bedrooms

Feng shui colors representing wood and fire are the best for the south-facing bedrooms. These rooms are lively and full of fire. Colors that would work perfectly in these bedrooms include orange, deep yellow, red, pink, purple, brown, and green. You should refrain from using black and blue colors.

South-West Bedrooms

As per feng shui, this is the area of marriage and love. Warm earthly colors work best for in these spaces. Such colors include pottery ones such as earthenware, bricks, and clay. Feng shui colors that represent fire like warm red, pink, and coral can also be used.

West-Facing Bedrooms

Metallic colors characterize these rooms. Gray and white colors would do well together with the metallic finishes in the room. Earthy colors are applicable as well according to feng shui. Colors to avoid are the fiery ones, deep blues, and black.

North-West Bedrooms

Metallic colors are handy in these bedrooms just like with their west-facing counterparts. Gray and white colors work best. Avoid fiery colors, deep blue, and black.

North-Facing Bedrooms

These are water-loving rooms. Colors including blue, black, gray, and white can be used here. Feng Shui black should be used sparingly. It should not be used on the bedroom ceiling.

North-East Bedrooms

North-East facing rooms represent fire and the energy of the earth. Earthy colors do not disappoint when utilized in these bedrooms. Apart from earthy colors, you can also use red, orange, purple, and magenta. Adding gold touches is also ideal as per feng shui.

Other Feng Shui Tips For The Bedroom

In addition to colors, you can also spruce your bedroom using other feng shui tips. Here are some feng shui design strategies for your bedroom:

  • Refrain from sharp edges – Pointy and jagged edges are not inviting. Add smooth edges such as sculptures, lamps, and natural décor like plants.
  • Shrink big windows – Huge views from the bedroom are a darling of many. Nonetheless, too large leave you feeling ”spied” upon and uncomfortable. So how do you shrink a large window? You do so by adding darker curtains or drapes along either side of your window. This helps you enjoy a more comfortable feeling.
  • Do away with electronics – Another thing you need to do as per feng shui is to do away or at least reduce the number of electronics. Electronics produce electromagnetic energies as you sleep. For better sleep, keep stuff such as your smartphone, tablet, or even alarm clock not less than three feet from the resting place of your head.
  • Reposition your bed – According to feng shui, the positioning of your bed is very important. Position it on the side with the opposite wall from the door. It is also important to have it furthest from the door as possible. The last thing is to have the headboard being on the same wall as your bedroom door. Feng shui holds that doing these things creates a feeling of safety and security.

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